16 Search and Find Books for Children

16 Search and Find Books for Children #childresnbooks

My children adore search and find books.  They will spend hours hunched over them, sometimes even with a magnifying glass, hunting for the designated item or person.  It’s a great brain exercise or activity for quiet time.  Today I’m sharing some of our family’s favorite varieties of this style of book. Here’s to some searching […]

A Night Night Prayer {A Review and Giveaway!}

A Night Night Prayer #review and #giveaway

The quiet time before tucking children into bed can be one of the times that you spend bonding with them on a deeper level. They are finally relaxed after shooting around like little balls of energy all day, their minds are settling down, and you can have focused attention on them without the distractions of […]

Cheesecake Recipes Galore {A Round Up of 50 Varieties}

50 Delicious Cheesecake Recipes!

Cheesecake is one of my most favorite desserts and is one of my personal specialties when it comes to baking.  I am the unofficial cheesecake baker for nearly all family events and even get requests from my husband’s coworkers.  It’s just so yummy!  Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Did you know that tomorrow is NATIONAL CHEESECAKE […]

Pirates on the Farm by Denette Fretz, Illustrated by Gene Barretta

FREE 30+ page pirate themed printable pack!

It’s time for Poppins Book Nook! This month’s theme was pirates! What kid doesn’t have fun when pretending to be a scurvy scallywag? This month, our featured book was Pirates on the Farm by Denette Fretz, Illustrated by Gene Barretta. This amusing hardcover picture book tells the tale of five swashbuckling pirates who decide to […]

ABC Bible Memory Verses for Children {A Review and Giveaway!}

ABC Say it With Me Bible Memory Verses #review and #giveaway! 07/25-08-01

Is bible verse memorization important in your home? Committing Scripture to memory is important so that God’s Word can deeply saturate your life and lead you through every circumstance.  As an adult, this is sometimes difficult for me because it wasn’t a habit that I was trained in when I was young. Children have a […]

A is for Adam and Eve

FREE Printable Adam and Eve Activity Pack

When teaching children about the Bible, I think the most important place to start is at the beginning.  Learning about the foundations of the world and about how sin came and tainted it sets the stage for everything that comes afterward, all the way to the birth of Christ. So to kick off this new […]

Teaching the Lord’s Prayer to Little Ones {A Review and Giveaway!}

Teaching Little Ones the Lord's Prayer

Hiding God’s Word in little hearts is something that I really strive to accomplish. I fail often, missing prime opportunities, or being too busy with other daily tasks to really be in the moment with my children and share about the Lord. Another important area of raising children to honor and serve the Lord is to […]

Wearing Skirts in the Summer {Seasonal Skirts Blog Hop}

#SeasonalSkirts How a Skirts (mostly) Family Dresses for the Season-Summer Edition #modesty

It’s that time again! It’s the middle of the summer, the sun is shining, the pools are open, and it’s the best time of year to eat as many popsicles as you can stand so you don’t melt from the heat! I think the scorching weather is perfect for wearing skirts and dresses.  You can […]

Help with Lesson Plans When You’re Used to a Boxed Curriculum {A Review and Giveaway!}

Lesson Planning Made Easy!

For four years I used a curriculum that provided me a straightforward presentation of what each day in our homeschool should look like. I knew what pages to read in what books, what crafts to create, what to say to my child to get a key idea across, and could do it all by simply […]

7 FREE Minecraft Books for Kindle

7 FREE #Minecraft books for #kindle

I know there are a lot of Minecraft fans out there! Here are FREE Minecraft themed books for Kindle that I found today on Amazon! Snag yours before the prices change! Minecraft: Never the End! – An Amazing Minecraft Adventure Story – in Novel Style Minecraft: Survival of The Minecraft Battle – An Epic Minecraft […]