E is for Esther

I’m so thrilled to be a part of the A-Z Bible series! I can say without a doubt that the Bible is my favorite book in the world and I love sharing it with my kids. The story of Esther is one of my favorites, so naturally it is a favorite for my kids too. […]

DIY Salt Dough Thankful Rocks and Forgiveness Stones for Children

DIY Salt Dough Thankful Rocks and Forgiveness Stones for Children {and a Review}

There was a commercial that was popular awhile back that featured a little boy out grocery shopping with his mother. There was some product that he wanted and he’d been told that he could not have it. His solution to this problem was to whine, in a rather agitating tone, “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” throughout the store until […]

DIY Yarn Wrapped Wreath for Fall

DIY Yarn Wrapped Fall Wreath

Confession: I have always wanted to decorate my home for each season. I always had a desire to spruce up our home and make it feel cozy while also bringing in a sense of what was going on outdoors, but I tended to talk myself out of it every year. I’m ashamed to admit that […]

When I Grow Up Fashion Show Race Game Plus FREE Community Helpers Printable Pack!

When I Grow Up Fashion Show Game and Race{Plus FREE Community Helpers Printables and a Giveaway!}

Is it already the end of August? Where did the summer go? It’s time for Poppins Book Nook! A monthly virtual book club where several bloggers share a book and a craft or activity that correspond to a select theme. This month’s theme was “What Will I Be When I Grow Up?” When I was […]

david and goliath pack pin

D is for David and Goliath

The story of David and Goliath holds a special place in my heart. My six year old son loved this Bible story and would pretend he was the young shepherd boy David, wielding his sling to defeat the mighty Philistine giant. I even have a video of his reenactment when he was around three years […]


Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review

When we first moved into our last house, there were a few things left behind by the previous tenants.  Our landlord told us that he was planning on hauling it all to the dump, but if we wanted to keep any of it, to feel free to claim it. We ended up gaining a baby […]

A Happy Kids Songs Review

Character Building Songs for Children {A Review}

We are rather conservative when it comes to what music we listen to in our home. Though our oldest is 8, she is not privy to the typical pop culture of today’s children her age. We most assuredly do not have Bieber fever here. Typically, the only thing that you will hear coming from our […]

The Boxcar Children DVD Review and #Giveaway

A Classic Book Series Comes to the Small Screen {The Boxcar Children Review and Giveaway}

When I was a little girl, I loved to read. I still own many of my childhood favorites. One series that I spent hours upon hours reading as a child was The Boxcar Children. Four orphaned siblings who are hiding from the grandfather whom they fear dislikes them, strike out to try to make their […]