I’m Calling A Truce

With potty training. I can’t take it anymore. It’s far too stressful and far too time consuming to wrangle a very active toddler to use the toilet.

We started several months ago and at first it went GREAT! Sweetpea loved being a big girl and climbing up onto her little Ernie stepstool, sitting on her little Elmo potty ring on the big people toilet and going about her business! We had a sticker chart that got filled up VERY quickly, that she loved to show off to her MaMaw whenever she came for a visit. Sure, it took some coaxing and reminding from time to time, but she never hesitated and was completely on board. It took a little more persuasion for her first #2 on the potty, but it happened, and after the first time, there was no looking back in that department.

Then about a month and a half later, we hit a stumbling block. The stickers that she received for successful potty trips were no longer as exciting to her, so the accidents started to increase. Even when I became a potty trip dancing fool, it was to no avail. What to do? What to do?

I decided to try the M&M route. One for pee, two for poo. Candy is a special treat around here, so this made being a big girl more appealing…..for a week or two. Then, she didn’t even ASK about the candy anymore. *sigh* Back to having accidents. If I asked her if she needed to go, I would receive a resounding, “NO!”

What now? We broke down and bought her a small potty chair. I had been trying to avoid that and just train her on the actual toilet to keep from having yet another transition later. She was super excited about it and it really helped. For two days.

I tried the naked approach. This did nothing but make my couches and carpet exceptionally clean from the multiple scrub sessions. She is a prissy little princess and didn’t enjoy this method much anyhow.

I put her in panties. She LOVES to wear big girl panties, but doesn’t really think much of wetting them because then she gets to go pick out a brand new pair to put on! It is fun for her to see how many pairs she can wear in a day, I think. Like underwear dress up. Back in pullups again.

So where are we now? I have a 33 month old little girl who is perfectly capable of staying dry if we are anywhere BUT home. Out all day running errands? Not one accident. At church? Tells me every single time if she has to go. Over at the inlaw’s house? No problem. Here at home? Bah humbug. She has good days and bad, but never completely dry ones. She rarely has poo accidents, which I am thankful for, but it is frustrating to know that she CAN do it, she just WON’T. Stubborn girl. Some would say she inherits that from me. I plead the fifth.

Here is where the truce comes in. We are moving in less than two weeks. I know that moving can cause regression and there are even more changes within that move that may cause some more potty issues(she will be sharing a room), so I’ve decided to throw in the towel for awhile. I’m raising the white flag and I’ll let it go for awhile until we get settled and are comfortable in our new home. My blood pressure needs a break. My plan is that once she turns three in February, to do away with pullups completely, and wear only panties all the time, restart reminding her every 30 minutes and to be VERY consistent. Hopefully, it will work. Hopefully. Pray for me.


  1. I love your post on potty training.I know how you feel. Remember that even after successful potty training there will be accidents. Keep us updated please. The pictures are beautiful. Doylene

  2. Ummm I don’t blame you with everything else that is going on in your life. Come enter my giveaway it might cheer you up

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