Doin’ the Happy Potty Dance

Do you know what this is?

Besides being an adorable, sweetpea of a Princess and an incredibly precocious almost three year old, she is………….

after sticker charts, candy, timers, big girl panties, prize boxes, etc….

a POTTY TRAINED toddler!

****insert happy dance here!******

She has actually been daytime trained since about a week or so before our move. It seemed to just click one day. I was getting to my wit’s end about it, ready to go back to diapers, throw my hands in the air and walk away when suddenly, she stayed dry. All on her own.

I was sure that she would regress once we moved and she had to get used to the new house and her new room, etc. It was no big deal if she did, I knew regression was common with children so young, but she surprised me! We have officially been dry during the day since a week before Thanksgiving!


Now, we just have to work on staying dry during naps and overnight. Suggestions?


  1. YAY!!!!! That’s such an awesome, relief of a step!! 🙂

  2. I am not there yet and dread being there. You have done well with her though. Are you using the dry night pull up type pants and cutting off drinks an hour or so before bed?? Thats all I can think of and really dont know if they work or not!!

    Congrats on how far you are along so far though!!

  3. Hooray for the big girl….I loved it when my youngest son finally got potty trained it is so much easier when we go places now!!!!

    What a biggirl she is and what a cutie

  4. Hoooray!

    My suggestions …

    Naps took a week of letting him get wet at daycare. There were a few small regressions, too. Luckily, the daycare provider is the one who suggested this tactic, and she did laundry, so I wasn’t gonna complain. Now, as long as he goes pee before a nap, he’s fine.

    Night time, don’t stress. Just let it happen. My neighbours scheduled themselves so they got their son (7 mos older than our kids) up two or three times at night to go pee. For AGES. Cameron just slowly, with cheering and praise, got the hang of it. I told him two weeks of staying dry all night and he could ditch the pullups like a big boy. He’d wake up most nights on his own at 4ish and call for a pee trip. Before Christmas he was out of pullups 24/7. With the Christmas trip we did he regressed immediately, and is back in pullups for night time, but oh well. It’ll come again. Honestly, it was low stress. Just like potty training in daytime, it’ll happen easily when she’s ready. You can make it happen before that, but only with a lot of work and stress!

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