What an M&M Won’t Do

Here we are a week or more into our potty training adventure. How’s our progress? Eh.
I decided to start out with Aron the same way I did with Gabby: big boy underwear, look a trip to the potty every 30-45 minutes, and a big hulking sticker chart. At first, Aron was really excited to go sit on his little potty, but after the fifteenth trip or so, he realized that it wasn’t much fun and it became a challenge for me to find as many ways as possible to coerce, ahem, I mean entice him to attempt to empty his bladder into that wee little seat. After a few more trips, he was outright determined to NOT sit there at any cost. I still stuck it out for three days. Every 30 minutes we went trudging to the potty (and sometimes even put it in the living room to watch Curious George). He knows to put his pee in the potty. He’s even done so many times, but never on his own accord and only when I have him sit for 10 minutes or more. Thank goodness for hardwood floors and no carpet, because I have cleaned up a lot of urine in the last week. That little stinker would sit on the potty for 15 minutes and not squeeze out a drop and then as soon as he had his underwear on, it was like the fountain of youth. The good thing is he does like the terms “big boy underwear” and that he is wearing something that is “like Daddy!” He will also yell out, “Uh oh!” when he gets them wet, but nevertheless, this doesn’t stop him.

The sticker chart was a big hit. However, a few days into our adventure, I noticed that stickers were moving or missing. I completed a mission of great stealth to discover that Aron was sneaking to the chart when I was otherwise occupied and peeling the stickers off. Some of them just got moved to a different position on the chart. Others I found stuck to the bedroom floor, the wall, and mixed in with the kids’ dirty laundry. One night I climbed into bed and peeled off my socks(I can’t sleep in them!) and discovered an Elmo face smiling up at me from the bottom of one of them. I can only imagine where I picked it up.

We have moved on to M&Ms. Oh, it is a great excitement around her e to get offered those tasty little candies. But, let me tell you, after the first few times, I have discovered that an M&M no matter milk chocolate, peanut, or otherwise will make a two year old pee in the potty. Nor will it persuade him to even SIT on the potty. And, you guessed it, it will also most certainly NOT stop the barrage of puddles that have been tinkled onto my floor.

I’m not going to make a huge issue of it. I know that pushing him will only make him resist it. It took nearly 6 months of good times and bad times with Gabby to get her fully day trained with nary an accident, but there is just something inside of me that really, really, REALLY wants to avoid having two in diapers again. Ah, c’est la vie, I suppose. I’ve heard many tales of horror, I mean, struggle from other mothers of boys who say their little men were not trained until three, sometimes even later. I sincerely hope this does not happen here, so if you are the mother of a toddler boy and you have some tips, please send them this way! I will be more than happy to try most anything to get Aron more interested in ridding our house of Pullups!


  1. i was so hoping that you were going to post a miracle potty training cure. we’re getting ready to embark on this adventure with my son and i am at a loss. m&m’s did nothing for my daughter, but i let her pick out what her candy reward would be and we incorporated that into her sticker chart. one sticker for pee and two stickers for poos. when she got to five stickers, she got a candy treat. when she filled up the sticker chart (i think it was something like 60 stickers total) we had a potty party and invited over her gandparents for a way-to-“go” cookie cake and they brought her new big girl panties. of course, she was three so she was totally into it all. good luck and let us all know how it goes!!

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