What M&Ms Won’t Do But Jellybeans Will

We’ve been potty training Aron now for approximately three months. We’ve had good times and bad times, ambulance which seems to be part of the potty training dance for all children. We started with a sticker chart, viagra order but needless to say that was very short lived when I discovered the stickers missing from the chart and stuck to my hardwood floor! We moved on to M&Ms and if you read this post, order you know that was a mediocre incentive at best. Then came Skittles of all sorts of varieties and nada. So, now I’m going to reveal to you the secret to the success we’ve had for several weeks now: Starburst Jellybeans. Seriously. I bought them on a whim one day and Aron likes them so much that it had become the staple in our potty training reward system. Aron has been staying dry in his big boy underwear with minimal accidents for weeks now all because he wants those coveted jellybeans. Who would have thunk it?

Now we still have two hurdles to overcome. First, Aron still doesn’t go to the potty of his own accord. I remind him every hour or so and then he will go, but very rarely does he just go in to the bathroom without a reminder. If I get caught up in something and forget, then there’s a puddle soon to be found and a toddler yelling, “Mommy I went pee-pee in the floor!”

Secondly is, well, ahem number two. He is often very hesitant to try to do this in the potty or he will give an outright refusal and hold it until nap or bedtime (when I still put a pullup on him). I have been extremely laid back about this because I don’t want him to hold it so long that it makes him sick or backs things up, if you know what I mean, but I am anxious to only be down to one little booty to wipe clean. 😉 In the last week, he has gone a few times in the actual potty but there’s no routine to it…I’ve still had to change his pullup as well(even with jelly bean rewards!). Any suggestions to gently encourage him to take this next step?


  1. Jellybeans are a great idea! So far M&Ms have worked for us… but soon we will be potty-training our little boy (I’m sure it will be different than with our girls)… so I will keep that it mind!

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