Spiritual Warfare for Women

Sometimes, we Christians “keep it safe.”  We talk about prayer requests (as long as it isn’t too personal), we talk about OTHERS and their needs, we talk about church ministries, we talk about what a great sermon our past or gave, but we don’t talk about what’s really real.  Our deepest, darkest struggles, our worries, our stressors, the places in our lives where we just KNOW that the devil is getting a good foothold.  Why?  
Maybe we are embarrassed, or confused.  Maybe we aren’t sure how to articulate our thoughts without having someone think negatively about us.  Maybe we just simply do not know how to handle it.  There is a name for some of this struggle that is generally only whispered about if mentioned at all.  Spiritual warfare.  When our enemy, Satan whispers his lies in our ear to make us doubt ourselves, doubt others, and maybe even question our faith.  The internal struggle that wages on and on inside every believer.
Many of the insecurities that women have that affect their marriages, families, and friends can be traced to spiritual warfare.  Satan will grab ahold of any problem, no matter how small if he knows that he can use it to gnaw at you.  This book, by Leighann McCoy is a wonderful tool for any Christian woman.  It lays out plain and simple how to win this battle and dodge the bullets that the enemy shoots at us.  It is laid out into four parts that teach you how to recognize Satan for what he really is, realize God’s love for you, identify the targets that Satan aims for, and win the victory once and for all.  Leighann uses biblical wisdom and advice along with sharing her own struggles in this area to teach and encourage women to take a stand and to not be ashamed. She emphasizes that God is on our side and that no matter what is thrown our way, He has already claimed the victory in the end!
I believe this to be a great addition to any believer’s bookshelf and am glad to have added it to my own!  To purchase your own copy, please visit here.

*I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.  I was not required to give a positive review.*

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