In Which the Yankee Girl Buys Poultry

Alec is bound and determined to make this displaced girl from the city into a nice Southern woman if it kills him. He tells me that he doesn’t hold it against me because I had no say in the matter, but that I was most definitely born on the wrong side of the Mason Dixon line. Now, I have to admit that nine years here in the Tarheel state has made me acquire (according to my northern relatives) a slight accent.  Sometimes I catch a little twang in my voice, although I will never be fluent in Southern drawl.

Even after nearly seven years of marriage, Alec informs me on a regular basis that resistance is futile.  To his credit, I have learned to make buttermilk biscuits and gravy, cornbread, and I will cook venison that he hunted and killed, I garden, and I even on occasion, use the word, “ya’ll.”  I’m still putting up the good fight, but today I moved one step closer to being assimilated…

…We made a trip to the local Tractor Supply—a store that brings delight to my husband, but makes me want to plug my nose and my eyes glaze over.

Want to know what we went for?

If you read the title of this post, I’m sure you have a good idea…

That’s right folks, we are now the proud owners of chickens.

Ain’t they cute, ya’ll?

Gabby was excited and liked to hold them as long as the absolutely, under NO circumstances moved in any way.

Aron was thrilled and not a bit shy.

Oh yeah!  We also got two little ducklings!


Lydia seemed interested, but couldn’t decide whether or not she wanted that fuzzy little “Quack” (as she calls them) near her.

My inlaws live about five minutes from me and Alec’s dad recently rebuilt and restored an old chicken coop that was behind their house when they purchased it several years ago.  We are pooling our chickens together, so we took ours over and introduced them to their new family! 🙂  There are a few already big enough to be in the coop and a couple of ours already have a few feathers. There are twenty six chickens in all, and we are all having fun trying to guess how many roosters will end up in the batch!

I’m excited.  And terrified.  I don’t actually want to touch these animals once they aren’t so cute and lovable anymore.  (Is my city upbringing showing?)  I’m all for having fresh eggs to use and all, but I don’t want to be the one that actually has to RETRIEVE said eggs.  And don’t even get me started on the idea of one day eating the actual chickens. It makes me want to gag.  Seriously.  I only buy boneless skinless chicken breasts because skinning or deboning a chicken makes my gag reflex go into overdrive.

Yikes!  What have I gotten myself into? 

The kids and Alec checking out the coop

Any of you have tips about any of this????

Now we’re discussing getting some rabbits.  Those I can handle, I had a couple as pets when I was younger, but what happens if Alec actually follows through and he buys a COW?

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  1. Cool. We are getting our first bunch of chicks next Monday. The kids are excited…my husband maybe more excited. He spends a very long time building a coop. He’s from NC and when we visit his relatives, everyone comes home with a slight twang. LOL

    • lol. That’s funny about the accent. I don’t notice mine too much, except for on certain words. My family up north on the other hand, they say it is very noticeable!

  2. Enjoy the chickens! We had both ducks and chickens growing up. We never ate the chickens but definitely enjoyed the eggs. It was my job to gather the eggs and clean them (they are normally covered in dirt and, um, other substances). Maybe that can be Gabby and Aron’s job! 🙂

    • I was thinking they could help gather eggs, but I’m not sure how well Gabby will handle getting near the chickens once they are grown. lol She’s a little….skittish.

  3. They are very easy and fun to care for, even when they are all grown up! If you hold them everyday and pet them they will turn out very tame!You will for SURE have fun with your ducklings and chicks!

    • Well they definitely get help a ton, so they should be a breeze! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I clicked on over to your blog and love all your pictures!


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