Homeschool Week in Review–Week 2

Two whole weeks in with no major bumps! It’s looking like it’s going to end up being a fabulous year!

I’ve had a tentative and loose schedule for our subjects running and so far it seems to help the day go relatively smoothly for both children.  The only thing that sometimes throws a wrench in is a toddler who wants attention!

Gabby is solidifying her addition skills as we work through Singapore 1A.  We really enjoy using edible manipulatives around here.  Heart of Dakota includes numerous suggestions to use for this like raisins, cheerios, chocolate chips, or marshmallows (like you see below).

The bunnies(aka marshmallows) made addition stories in the “cabbage patch” and the “carrot patch”

Raisins as “fruit” in the trees for more addition stories

In history, Gabby is learning about the settlers in Jamestown.  After reading one chapter in her history book, she made a map that portrayed the route a young boy took to some wild strawberries in the forest.

Aron is working on basic math skills like pairs, things that belong together, and patterns.  He is doing really well with learning his fruits of the spirit and Galatians 5:22.

He is also focusing on the three sounds that the letter A can make, especially on the long vowel sound.

He is also learning about the human body and it’s layers and parts.

We’re still studying butterflies this month for our nature theme and we’ve had a ton of fun and learned a lot as we watch our very own painted lady larvae change before our eyes!

Just a few days after we received them, the caterpillars started hanging from the lid of their container and forming chrysalids.  After three days, I removed them from the cup so that I could place them in our butterfly pavilion.

Lifting the chrysalids carefully out of the cup

We had two that had fallen, so as per the instructions that came with the kit, I place those two on a paper towel at the bottom of the habitat.

We decided to make a butterfly feeder to hang out in our yard to attract some of the butterflies we’ve seen fluttering through the morning glory patch that has overrun our garden plot.  I followed the instructions on the blog Mother Rising, but used less embellishments.

This past Saturday morning, I checked on the chrysalids and everything was the same as it had been all week.  Then just a couple of hours later, I walked by our pavilion and saw a BUTTERFLY emerged and hanging from the underside of the lid!  The children were very excited!

We had some errands to run and a birthday party to attend, so we couldn’t watch more closely, but when we arrived home in the late afternoon there were three more butterflies!

Sadly, I think that last larva died at some point after forming its chrysalid. 🙁  It has been two days since the other butterflies emerged and it is still lying on the paper towel at the bottom of the pavilion. 

We are enjoying the Painted Lady butterflies and plan on releasing them some time during this week!

Those are the highlights of our week!  What have you been learning?

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