Homeschool Week in Review—Week 3

I think it’s nearly safe to say that our routine is starting to settle in, although we weren’t exactly on schedule this week due to a few late nights and oversleeping!

In Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, Gabriella is learning about the English pioneers who settled in Jamestown.

We added the settlement of the colony to our timeline.

She particularly enjoyed reading about Pocahontas.

We’re focusing on the character trait responsibility and showing how the early settlers had to be faithful in their duties in order to survive and grow.  To emphasize this trait even further, we reread the story of Ruth from the Bible to show how she showed responsibility while gleaning from the Boaz’s fields in order to feed herself and her mother in law, Naomi.

For an art project, she made a wheat field like the one that Boaz owned, showing the sheaves of wheat and the wheat that fell to the ground.

To tie in with the responibility theme, she memorized Galatians 6:9.

She also started learning about the Brewster family in Scrooby, England who ran an inn where they held secret church gatherings because they did not agree with how King James wanted his people to worship.  The history reading told of the rose vines that ran up the stone walls of the inn.

Gabby painted a picture of a rose covered stone wall

Also adding on to the flower theme, we learned about how bees pollinate flowers.  Using crushed potato chips, we demonstrated how the pollen transfers from one flower to another by sticking to the bee’s body.

The Brewsters and the other pioneers who wanted to worship in secret sometimes had to meet in the night so they were covered by the darkness as they traveled.  We used this to spin off into a science lesson about how dark colors absorb light and light colors reflect it.

Our bathroom is the easiest to make super dark

Gabby is thoroughly enjoying the poetry segment of our day and asks to read them out loud daily.  She is using the poems as copywork material and is working on fine tuning her penmanship.

In math, she’s working on number bonds and cementing her addition facts.

I wasn’t sure that we would use the Intensive Practice workbooks that I purchased from Singapore Math, but when Gabby saw them on the shelf, she asked to try them and has since been working in them almost daily.  Score one for extra curriculum purchases!

In Fruit for Tender Hearts, Aron is still working on the fruits of the spirit.  He now has all of the fruits on his tree in our living room. He was very proud of himself when he recited Galatians 5:22 all on his own in front of the tree.

He’s been working on his alphabet scrapbook and learning that the vowels (and some consonants) can have more than one sound.

He’s been using The Joy of Handwriting for penmanship, but he doesn’t enjoy it at ALL.  He will write on his own occasionally, but he is not fond of sitting down and letting me show him how to form letters correctly.  I’m not sure whether I’m going to give it a rest for a bit or look into using something different with him.  We had Handwriting Without Tears at one point, but I didn’t care for it (I know, that’s an odd opinion in the homeschooling world!). 

He’s also working on reading CVCC words and some thinking skills like coloring by number.

We finished up our unit on butterflies (look for a post with resources for a butterfly unit later this week!). Four out of our five larvae emerged fully formed from their chyrsalids!  One never came out. 🙁  (You can see it lying on the paper towel on the bottom of the butterfly pavilion.

We kept the Painted Lady butterflies for several days and then decided to release them before the weather turned cold.  We took the entire habitat outside and I just unzipped the lid.

The children hovered over it, encouraging the butterflies to come out and fly away free!

When the first one fluttered away, they all waved excitedly and yelled out their goodbyes and well wishes.

One landed on the grass nearby and I was able to sneak in a few pictures before it flitted away through our garden.

I’m not really a bug person, but the children enjoyed raising the butterflies from caterpillars so much that we will probably do it again in the spring.  I’m even considering getting a ladybug habitat next time!

Well, that was what we did for our third week of school!  Next week will be a bit scattered because we will be visiting my mother.

What have you been learning?


  1. Your projects are amazing! I tend to lean toward book work, but I have one who’d especially love the type of projects you do. I definitely have some adjustments to make going forward.


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