Homeschool Week in Review–Week 6

We dove back into our regular curriculum last week after taking two weeks off to have some fun with robots.  I was still a little harried from everything going on and I also developed a facial infection so our week while on task moved slowly.  I didn’t get as many pictures as I typically take and it appears after uploading that I mostly took pictures of what we’ve been doing for our nature study theme (leaves/trees/seeds).

Gabriella has been moving along learning about the pilgrims having secret worship meetings in England to avoid King James’ soldiers.  She learned about how they had to have their services in the night so they could travel under the cover of darkness and how some of them spent time in prison for being determined to worship how they wanted.

We’ve been cementing the idea of number bonds in her mind as we continue to work through Singapore 1A.  We have dropped using Horizons as a supplement for now.  The Intensive Practice book seems to add enough for Gabriella for now.  I’m keeping Horizons on the shelf for now though.  Just in case. 😉

Using crayons as manipulatives

We’ve started introducing the parts of a sentence.  She wrote five different subjects and five different predicates on index cards and mixed and matched to make new sentences.

She also finished yet another emerging reader and reminded me that I just HAD to take a picture of her with the completed book. 🙂

She’s looking more and more grown up *sniff*

Aron has been beginning to delve into the individual fruits of the spirit now that he’s completed his fruit tree.  I’m finding myself supplementing more and more as the weeks go by because this curriculum is just too easy for him.  I think I’m going to keep the Bible portion of it and change up what we’re doing in other areas.  Suggestions are welcome!

On to the overabundance of nature study pictures!  We are sticking with a Fall theme this month and I’ve divided the remainder of the month between learning about leaves/deciduous trees/seeds, apples/apple trees, and pumpkins and their life cycle.

I used this trees template from the Autumn Treasures unit study from Amanda Bennett and then let the children finger paint on Fall colored leaves.

As we’ve been learning about various deciduous trees and their seeds and why leaves change colors, we’ve spent time crafting too (don’t you just LOVE Pinterest?!).

We made stained glass leaves from the idea on Mom on Timeout

and another one from No Time for Flashcards.

I also used printables from the Leaves unit from 2 Teaching Mommies

to have the children practice patterns and the leaf/seed pictures from the Tree-Leaf-Seed unit from Simple Schooling (on sale over at Currclick for only $.99!).


There are several videos on Youtube that talk about Autumn and why leaves change.  We enjoyed several of them while crafting or coloring. 🙂

We plan to continue the leaf them for another day or so (and possibly take a field trip!) this upcoming week and then we’ll move on to apples! Yum!  I foresee some taste testing in our future! 😉

What’s going on in your school?



  1. All of your homeschooling looks like fun. The fingerprint fall trees turned out very pretty!

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