Homeschool Week in Review–Week 7

 It’s been a busy week!

We started the week continuing our tree/leaf/seed nature unit.  My husband loves to deer hunt and he went to a local park to gather acorns to put out to attract them to his hunting spot.  The children went with him and it was a perfect opportunity to discuss the oak trees, acorns, and their leaves.  They had fun gathering them and came away with several buckets full.

We also took a field trip to a local state educational park and I printed out this fun scavenger hunt by From Chalkboards to Strollers for them to use while we were there.

We brought home our loot and used this worksheet from 2 Teaching Mommies to make observations about the leaves using our five senses.

We had some fun playing Leaf Bingo (available from 2 Teaching Mommies),

and we tried this experiment that is meant to show you up close how the leaves from deciduous trees change color.

It didn’t work. :/  We might try again this week.

Look at all that learning!  We’ve been adding to our “Nature Wall” for the last two weeks.  Every month, when we switch to a new theme, I take everything down and we start all over again.  The children love it.

Now we’ve moved on to apples and apple trees(I’m using this unit on from Currclick as our base.  It only costs $1.00!)…

(Worksheets available from 2 Teaching Mommies.)

In other school news, Aron has been working on learning the difference between short and long vowel sounds.  We talked about the letter “O” and its sounds this week and he made a beaded “O” necklace for fun.

My handsome little man
Practicing fine motor skills in a “O” shaped maze
He finished up his focus on the fruit of the spirit: love and completed his storyline that illustrates how much God loves us. 
Then we moved on to discussing the fruit: joy and how we can implement this attribute in our lives. 

Gabby learned about the pilgrims moving to Holland and about the windmills an dikes there.  She built her own dike out of playdough and learned how to “patch” holes when she discovered a leak.

She added this segment of history to her timeline as well.

We’re moving on to fine tuning our subtracting skills in math although we’re still practicing number bonds. 

She also finished another emerging reader, Tornado AND we completed our first storytime book, the biography of Helen Keller.  Gabby thoroughly enjoyed learning about Helen.  She was fascinated with how Helen learned to function in the world without being able to see or hear.  She even audibly cheered towards the end when Helen graduated from college!  We’re moving on the “Adventure” genre now and have begun to read “A Lion to Guard Us.”

We are ALL enjoying Song School Latin.  In fact, we are having such a blast with it, that the children have asked to get Song School Greek AND Song School Spanish next year! Now THAT is good feedback for a program!

Well, that was our week in (probably) too many pictures!  What’s happening in your school this week?


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