A Day of Firefighting

A couple weeks ago, we took a field trip to our local fire station to wrap up Fire Safety and Prevention Month.  It’s been at least two years since we’ve visited a station, so I thought we were overdue!  It ended up being a really cold windy day, so we were eager to get INSIDE and start our tour even though they had pulled the big shiny red truck out of the bay for us to board and explore.

We started the trip sitting at tables in a conference room and one of the firemen taught us about fire safety in the home, what to do in case of a fire, and also showed us how he gears up when a call comes in to the station.  The kids seemed to be in awe of him after he put his mask on.  It was very Darth Vader-esque. 

Later when we came home, Aron spent a good portion of the day walking around with various toys over his mouth and telling everyone he was “talking like a firefighter!” Don’t you just love when something stirs their imagination?

After the demonstration, we started our tour at the anticipated firemen’s pole!  We even got to watch the fireman slide down.

Aron thought it was very cool that the firemen had beds and a tv to watch upstairs.

After checking out the ambulance, the fire rescue boat, and some other equipment inside, we braved the blustery weather to get a chance to climb aboard one of the trucks.  The children even got to turn the siren on and blow the horn. I love that the men were so accommodating and patient with the group of young children! 

We had a great time and we left with neat souvenirs: Jr. Firefighter sticker badges, plastic fireman hats, coloring books, and tattoos!

I had been planning for awhile to utilize many of the fire safety/prevention resources that I had found across the internet after our trip.

We checked out several books from the library,

and came home to start our fun themed day.  We kicked our lessons off by singing this Song for Fire Awareness from ABC Teach.

Color by number pictures were used while I read some of our library books.

We played fire themed games,

worked on printables,

used our dot markers,

practiced colors,

had fun with graphing,

and so much more!  I even found some cute fire safety videos on Youtube to add in to the learning fun!

For a full list of what resources I used, visit my fire safety/prevention month resources for preschool/early elementary post.

The kids played “firefighters” for several days after this trip and those plastic hats were nearly glued to their heads!  They are already talking about going back, although I think I’ll wait until warmer weather!

What fun field trips have you taken lately?


  1. It is always better to expose kids to the real thing rather than reading it to them from a book. I am sure this was a trip they will never forget and the activities look like a good recount idea.
    I am following you from the GFC hop and would love for you to follow along.

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