Homeschool Week in Review–Week 9

Another week gone by and lots of learning taking place!  I’m going to take a moment to gush about how much I truly enjoy teaching my children.  Back when I first started with my oldest, I was a ball of nerves.  I was unsure of where this journey would lead and if I was up to the task of carrying the full weight of responsibility for my children’s education square on my shoulders.  

I’m still a newbie.  My oldest is only in first grade,  but I have watched her blossom and grow and my son has also joined in and it is….fabulous.  Really.  Watching them learn and being there as things “click” and they take off on their own on a subject is a great blessing.  

Mushiness aside, we had a great week!  We’ve been diving into our curriculum and a recent change in Alec’s work schedule has made our days run smoother.  

We wrapped up our apple unit and made these really neat apple tree paintings using our handprints (Thanks to  Moments of Mommyhood for the idea!)

We also tied in the story of Adam and Eve and how they ate the forbidden fruit and brought sin into the world with their disobedience.

Continuing with our fall themed nature studies, we moved on to pumpkins.  There are MANY pumpkin themed printable packs available from across the web and I downloaded several and then chose a smorgasbord from amongst them all. 

We did Do-a-dot pumpkins
The parts of a pumpkin
Pumpkin observations
Pumpkin graphing
and life cycle of a pumpkin mini books

We also made pumpkin pie scented playdough(look out for that recipe later this week!).

These VERY cute yarn pumpkins were made after I saw the tutorial on Make and Takes.  They were so easy to do and took only a few minutes each.

Aren’t they cute?!

We did more than fun nature study crafts this week, I promise! 😉

In history, Gabriella is still learning about the English pilgrims who moved to Holland to escape persecution by King James.  She learned that the Hollanders really liked everything to be clean and even had a weekly day set to scrub the exterior of their homes.  We took a moment to scrub down some kitchen cabinets together to show the practicality of cleanliness.  Gabby actually asked to keep scrubbing other things!  (I hope that attitude lasts!)

We learned about the original writing of the King James bible in 1611.  To celebrate the 400th anniversary of this version, a coworker had given Alec a replica of the original 1611 KJV bible, so we took a moment to peruse its pages.  Gabby was amazed at how difficult the print was to read in the Old English type and I had to hold back the eye twitches at the spelling errors. 😛 

In math, Gabby is still working on subtraction and gaining confidence.  We had fun making a number line in the floor and walking across the numbers to figure out answers to subtraction number sentences.

No math lesson is complete without a dress up costume!

We also brought out the Horizons Math K book for more practice and reinforcement to our regular lessons from Singapore.

Gabby got a free painting kit from my father in law’s church when we visited last week and she adores it.  Every afternoon this week after the younger two laid down for their naps, she pulled it out and I read aloud to her while she painted. 

Poetry is still a favorite for her.  This week’s poem, “The Months” by Sara Coleridge struck a memory chord for her and after the first reading she ran to pull a children’s book of poetry off the shelf because she remembered that she had read it before.

In science, she learned about how webbed feet work to help propel certain animals through the water as they swim.  We wrapped a slotted spatula in saran wrap to simulate webbing and paddled through water in the sink. 

Then we removed the saran wrap and did it again to discover which way was the easiest.

She’s also enjoyed all the gross motor skills that are intertwined with her Scripture memory verses each week.  Here she is running in place before reciting one of this week’s review verses.

Aron has been progressing well in phonics.  He is practicing long vowels and two vowel words right now and becoming more fluent each day. 

He completed his phonics/numbers book that he started last year this week and was very proud of his accomplishment.

He has a love/hate relationship with penmanship right now.  If he has trouble forming a letter, he is ready to throw in the towel relatively quickly out of frustration.  This week, we were working on the letter “L” which gave him no trouble at all, so he even asked to practice MORE. 

He has also started a Fruit of the Spirit lapbook (which I forgot to get a picture of) to coincide with his daily Bible lessons. 

We also took a fun field trip to the fire station and had a day of “Firefighter School” (hence the fireman’s hat in the above picture!).  Look out soon for a post with details about our trip and our day learning about fire safety!

What happened in your school this week?

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