19. Wean Lydia (30 Before 30)

This particular item on my 30 Before 30 list is bittersweet.

Lydia, my sweet little toddler has now been nursing for 29 months and she is quite attached to her time with Mommy.  While I definitely applaud and encourage women to breastfeed as long as they and their child want to do so, I have always started to get a bit twitchy when my children’s second birthday was closing in.  I start to have physical discomfort (which probably has something to do with being pregnant every time I’m ready to wean 😛 ), and I start to long for a little reprieve for my own body.  As of today, I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding since May of 2005.  That can wear a Mommy out!

Also, none of my children have slept through the night until weaning and I.am.tired. 

Lydia and I taking a nap on Christmas

Since I am also pregnant, I’m dealing with pregnancy fatigue as well and let’s just say that sleep is a precious commodity to me.  I’ve been trying to slowly nightwean Lydia, but after an ER trip because of near dehydration due to severe morning sickness and being prescribed a nausea medication that I didn’t realize was not safe for nursing mothers until I took one(I have since stopped taking that one and changed to something more natural), I decided to bite this bullet and say farewell to these precious bonding moments.

Even though she was still super attached to her nursies time, she has taken it (mostly) well.  Night time was definitely the hardest part.  She insists now on sleeping close enough to me that she can press her face against my skin and she likes to reach down into my shirt and grab hold of my undershirt and hold tight. 

That’s just fine with me.  Some extra love and cuddles are what she needs right now to transition out of this stage of her life.  I know that these moments are fleeting, so I won’t argue.  One day, I’ll look at my precious little girl as she grows up and think back wistfully on these days. 

It all passes in but a blink of an eye and then they are grown.


It’s been just over two weeks since the last time Lydia nursed.  She still asks for it daily, but I just scoop her up and squeeze her tight and remind her that she’s a big girl now.  (Even though in my mind, she’s still my little baby girl).

One of our last nursing sessions

Do you breastfeed?  Do you practice extended breastfeeding?


  1. Anonymous says:

    I am still nursing my 3 year old. He is gradually weaning himself with a little encouragement from me. We never had to worry about sleeping through the night as I work midnight shift, so he reverse cycled himself at 8 weeks old so he would only nurse when I am home. I am right now at a point where i need to figure out a way to force the issue as I want one more baby and Can not get pregnant while nursing. Congrats on one more milestone in your daughter’s life and enjoy the all to short reprieve before you start over with your precious new baby.

  2. Hello, Dusty!
    I saw you linked up your site on the Deep Roots at Home page, and I am so glad to ‘see’ you there. I love what you are doing here on your blog and hope we can follow each other to be a mutual blessing in the Lord ~ It is so much fun and encouraging to get to ‘know’ new like-minded gals! Grace and peace…

    BTW, I would like to invite you to consider linking-up on the Deep Roots at Home ‘EOA’ Wednesday Link-Up. You can gain more exposure and it would be neat to see you as a regular each week.
    your daughter is adorable, and you are such a good Mommy!!

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