Bee Crafty Kids Link Up #2 | Dandelion Infused Playdough

Inspired by this garden flower playdough post over at Nuture Store that I’ve had pinned on Pinterest since last summer, I decided to incorporate our spring unit study lessons with some good old fashioned, hands on fun!

Using my No Cream of Tartar Needed Homemade Playdough recipe, I whipped up a batch that was dyed yellow.  

Then my two girls ran out into our yard  to gather up as many dandelions as they could find before Daddy started revving up the mower.  What is it with little girls and picking wildflowers?  Their faces always light up whenever they get the opportunity to do it.

They excitedly brought in “all their pretty flowers” and we spend some time pulling the petals from the bright yellow blooms.  I didn’t worry if a leaf or two got mixed in because little hands love to help and it would just add more color to our final product!

Next I added some of  the dandelion petals and leaves to the ready to knead playdough and mixed them in.  Every few minutes, I’d add in more petals then continue kneading.

 I continued this process until all of the petals have been incorporated into the playdough.

All ready to play with!

This is a great sensory activity.  The dandelions give off a light smell when the dough is manipulated and the children were constantly exclaiming about all the petals and leaves that they’d see when squishing and molding it.

We love playdough here and making your own takes less than 10 minutes!  I think adding some of the things we find on our nature walks will become a regular habit!

Now it’s time for YOU to share what you and your children have been crafting!

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That’s it!  I look forward to seeing what you share!


  1. Beautiful! I think my girls would love to do this! Pinning!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting!!

    Lover your play dough craft..thanks:)

  3. I love this idea! I have an entire back yard of dandelions that could go to this cause when my daughter gets older.

  4. My girls love dandelions. The kindergarten teacher gets loads of them every morning 😉 They love playdoh too, we are going to have to try this, thanks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now I know what I am going to do with all the dandelions my pre-k kids put on the science table every morning!

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