Homeschool Week in Review: The One with the Dandelions and the Trail

We finished up our Spring Surprises unit study this week and the kids were sad to see it go.  My oldest said, “You mean spring school is over?” with a rather pathetic looking pout on her face.  But, alas, we have to get back to the grind and finish up our regular curriculum before baby arrives this summer!

We took Monday off because my husband took the day off from work and so I figured time with Daddy was more important.  They were outside most of the day while he did yard work and garden work.  Guess that still counts as spring school, eh? 😉

We learned a little about ducks and their ducklings, reading many good books and drawing our own pictures.

We finished up our lapbooks 

 and we made some great sensory pleasing dandelion playdough to help wrap everything up for the unit.

 photo DSCF6234_zps633c4c58.png

Also, the beans that we planted at the beginning of the unit have sprouted and are growing beautifully!  We may even transfer them to our big garden.

Books that we used for the last bit of of spring unit study:

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey
Three Ducks Went Wandering by Ron Roy
The Ugly Duckling retold by Lorinda Bryan Cauley
Ducks by Lynn M. Stone
Ducks by Derek Zobel
Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore
Playing Right Field by Willy Welch
Here Comes the Strikeout by Leonard Kessler

With Aron, I’ve mainly just been focusing on some basic math, phonics, and thinking skills.  This pregnancy has required me to cut many of our extras for the time being.

Gabby also got back into her regular studies from Heart of Dakota.

She’s still working on addition, subtraction, and place value.

She’s finished yet ANOTHER of her readers.  She is flying through these like lightning. This was the last one in our fantasy genre.  We’re moving on to mystery, which is the genre we’ve been reading during our reading aloud time as well.

 In history, we picked up where we left off, still learning about the settlers in New Amsterdam.  After learning that Indians and settlers often used dogs to track animals and people, we did our own trailing experiment.  I put vanilla extract on some cotton balls and lemon extract on others.  The correct trail was the cotton balls with vanilla and the lemon scented ones where scattered randomly to throw her off. 

She followed the trail through the house, sniffing each cotton ball carefully.

We also learned about different animals in the dog family and the regions of the world that they lived.  This week has seemed to pass quickly though I’m not sure why.  We’ll be back full swing into our regular routine (or as close as I can manage) next week.  The children have been asking to pull Song School Latin back out again!

What’s going on in your homeschool?

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