Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Moms Review

One of my biggest struggles as a Christian is opening up my Bible and really delving in.  I read Scriptures to my children during our school day, I look up verses when I am trying to find just the right one to apply to a situation, I read (definitely not as often as I should *blush*) it and absorb the stories and try to discern the applications but I don’t get down and dirty and study it. 

But I want to. I just needed a little guidance.

That’s where one of the new books from Doorposts came in and held my hand.  Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas by Pam Forster helps moms who seem to have so much to do (and so little time) get that precious time with the Word of God.

I love the idea of a quiet time with God, but if I’m honest with myself and you, the early morning hours just don’t work for me to do this.  I can struggle and get out of bed, eyes barely open and full of the glistening leftovers of sleep, tip toe out to the living room and crack open my Bible, only to start to nod off and spend a great deal of energy trying to focus on what I’m reading.  I spent a great deal of time feeling guilty because of the people and blogs out there that will tell you if you don’t have that quiet time first thing in the morning, then you are somehow displeasing God.  I’ve finally realized that those people are just wrong.  They are placing their own preferences on a pedestal and trying to make people measure up to their own standards.  Well, I’m not trying to live up to any person’s standards, I’m trying to live up to God’s.  While I think it’s certainly a good idea to start your day off communing with God in some way, even if it is just a prayer to Him asking for Him to guide us through our day, I don’t think it’s sinful to wait until a time when you are more alert and able to truly focus to have your time in the Word.

Another thing—I also think that it isn’t always as easy to get that time alone as many will insinuate.  I’m the mother of three children under the age of 7.   They wake up EARLY, always have.  Many days, they are awake before I am.  I’ve tried setting my alarm to get up prior to them, but with a child cosleeping with me, this rarely works.  When I get up, so does my toddler.  Then we end up with a cranky toddler and a cranky Mommy because we didn’t finish our sleep cycle.  Our house is small. You hear every noise made in any room from everywhere.  Once one or two people are awake, everyone soon wakes.  Then they are hungry and breakfast must be made, they need help getting dressed and washing up, school lessons must be started, etc.  The day continues and I need to be available for a myriad of needs and tasks because my children are too little to do much independently.  I’m a Busy Mama.  Where do I get that moment of quiet and solace?  Wait until bedtime?  Then I’m sleepy again and deal with the same struggle that I do in the early hours of the morning.  Can anyone else relate?

God knows that there are seasons to a mother’s life, that these moments where there are wee ones who need Mommy more will one day pass and I don’t believe for one instant that He holds it against us when we don’t pop out of bed cheerful and bright eyed at 4:30AM to studiously pour of seven chapters of the Bible before our perfectly trained children rise at 7:00AM on the dot.   Life is not that organized.  At least not for me.

That’s why I truly enjoyed this book. It acknowledges that while Bible study and reading is essential for a Christian, life as a mother, especially to younger children is demanding and loud and busy.  It gives grace where others do not.  It uses the spare two minutes a mother might have to bring God’s truths to light rather than guilting her into adding more to her plate when she isn’t sure how she can balance one more thing. It also shares tips and ideas for getting those few minutes in varying parts of the day or even WITH your children. Who knew that in about 5-10 minutes a day, you could get to REALLY know God’s Word?  It doesn’t quite seem so overwhelming then, does it?

Over the course of one month, Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas delves into Colossians 3, showing you step by step how to dissect a portion of the Bible in just mere moments a day without sacrificing true study and learning.  Using only a few basic tools, you will learn how to use concordances, how to recognize word patterns, how to apply indirect truths to your daily life and much more.  I was very pleased with how easy this book was to implement AND with how in depth it helped go into just one chapter of the Bible.  Each section is brief yet thorough and there are even catch up days included just in case you fall behind!  It is also VERY affordable at only $8.00 in softcover format or $6.00 as an ebook.

Doorposts has produced a real gem here, helping mothers grow their spiritual lives in the midst of raising busy families.  This is definitely worth a peek!


  1. REading the paragraph about getting up early in the morning and nodding off etc – that is so me, lol.

    thanks for sharing the book, I will have to look it up and download it.

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