40 Weeks and Counting: Waiting…

As of this posting, I am sitting four days past my due date this pregnancy.  While mentally, I am not at all surprised by this because I’ve gone several days past my due date with every pregnancy, physically my body feels like it just can’t take much more.  I have aches, pains, and discomforts.  I am tired, oh so very tired.  I have trouble putting on my own shoes and need help sitting up to get out of bed.  It’s not an easy road, carrying and growing a baby.

40 Weeks in this picture

Another thing that makes it hard is when most of the people around you are questioning why you’re not running to the doctor to ask to be induced. I’ve had one medically necessary induction and the experience was enough to make me choose to avoid that route again if at all possible.  There are risks to elective induction as well–risks that I’m personally not willing to take for the sake of alleviating a little discomfort to myself. I also know what due dates are just estimates not expiration dates.  My doctor and I don’t agree on this stance, so there might be a conflict in the coming days.  I’m praying that it doesn’t come to this, but I’m just as much my baby’s advocate now, while he’s in utero, as I’ll be after he’s born.  I’m his mother.  My job is to nurture him and protect him to the best of my ability.  That includes not agreeing to force him out of the womb for a doctor’s convenience…or even my own.

I’m learning a lesson in all of this waiting.  I’m learning that patience is a virtue that constantly needs to be cultivated.  I’m learning that He is strong, even when I am weak.   I’m learning that God’s timing truly is best.

I’m learning that the best things in life truly are WORTH the wait.

I’m eager to hold my son in my arms and for him to meet his big brother and sisters.  I’m longing to be able to see what he’ll look like and how big he’ll be.  But, for now, I’m waiting.

I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord

And I am peaceful, I’m waiting on You Lord

Though it’s not easy no, but faithfully I will wait

Yes, I will wait.”

~John Waller


  1. You go, Momma! Blessings to you as you wait…

  2. Good luck!! Can’t wait to “meet” your newest blessing <3

  3. I love how you talk about being an advocate for your baby even before he’s born; that’s so true!

    I was 13 days late with my first. Fortunately, I had a midwife who was willing to wait until I went into labor on my own so I was never pressured to induce. I must admit those last few weeks were tough because I was definitely ready to be done with pregnancy!

  4. Beautifully said. I know that discomfort can feel unbearable. I had to have 2 C-Sections and desperately longed to have been able to wait for my girls to come when it was time. In the end, I had to learn that God’s plans are more perfect than my own. I will be praying for you as you patiently wait on God’s timing in this amazing miracle. I can’t wait to see your little blessing!

  5. Love this post!I went through fighting my Dr on inductions a year ago. Labor finally came when I was 41 weeks and 2 days. You don’t have much longer. Hang in there. This time, 16 weeks pregnant, I’m using a midwife who doesn’t do inductions. Wwwooooo!! Prayed for you.

  6. You should be good for at least another 10 days with most doctors. Hopefully you will go into labor on your own in the next week or so. 😉 I had to be induced with all four of mine. :/

  7. Being induced also automatically DOUBLES your chance of having a cesarean. I had an unneccessary c-section with my first and had a VBAC at 41+3 weeks with my second. Hang in there! Normal pregnancy can go to 42 weeks and while the days seem long right now, you’ll look back and realize how quickly they passed and how glad you are that you let your baby choose his birthday! Remember you hired your doctor, not the other way around, and you can choose to not listen to his “advice.” Good luck! (You seem like you know everything I just said, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway! :))

  8. Thinking of you!
    My last pregnancy ended up going 10 days overdue. Those days were so bad, as I couldn’t walk properly or get comfortable. In the end I didn’t do a full induction but since my cervix was 4 cms ripe for just over 2 weeks, my midwife agreed to strip the membrane for me. It was my second longest labour (although only 7 hours) but he was my largest baby and we feel that may me why he just wouldn’t budge!!

    Hope all goes well 🙂


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