Real Life Homeschooling Blog Hop #3: When You’re Pregnant

I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Only one week away from my due date!  I’m both excited and a tad nervous about welcoming our fourth child into our family.  As I look back, it seems like this pregnancy has flown by so quickly.

This is the second time that I’ve been pregnant since beginning my homeschooling journey, but it is the first time that I had children above the preschool age level, so even in the midst of my morning sickness, fatigue, and discomfort, I felt that I need to attempt to not put everything to the side altogether.  It wasn’t always easy, but now as I’m sitting here at the end of this pregnancy, I’m glad that I powered through.

So what are my tips for homeschooling while pregnant?

1.)  Forget about your schedule

Growing babies is hard work.  Super hard work.  Your body is doing something miraculous and beautiful.  At the same time, this wonderful thing that is happening takes a toll.  You need rest.  So don’t be afraid to do just that—REST!  The school work isn’t going anywhere and your child isn’t going to end up a huge failure if they go light for a few months, I promise!  (Especially if your other children are young!).   If you have more energy in the afternoons, do school work then!    Do what you can and don’t stress about the rest.

2.) Go back to the basics

If you are overwhelmed due to morning sickness or fatigue, eliminate your extras.  Cut down to the three Rs and do what you can there.  Latin can wait.  History can wait.  The lab experiments and nature study can wait.  In my first trimester, I called it a successful school day if my children read a book and did a few math problems.

3.)  School where you are comfortable

I often kicked back in our recliner and put my feet up with a basket of necessary books beside the chair while my children worked in the floor nearby or on the couch.  You don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable chair or in a specific room to accomplish your goals!

4.) Don’t be afraid to use media

On those days where you are super fatigued or sick, don’t think that it isn’t okay to break out an audiobook or an educational video, show, or computer game.  Kids can and DO learn from these resources as well.  A little extra screen time during your pregnancy isn’t going to make your kids dumb.  Be selective, of course, but utilizing some great options in this arena can keep the learning flowing while you are out of commission.

5.)  Read, read, read

Except for those days when reading aloud might send you into snoozeville, gather your children around you where you are comfy and read some great books.  Classics, biographies, living books and more can provide wonderful learning opportunities while also giving you some respite from heavier studies. If you aren’t feeling up to reading out loud, make a trip to the library and fill a book basket for your children to peruse at their leisure.

6.) Enlist Dad’s help! 

If you have a super busy husband like me, this can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible!  Get Dad to lend a hand with a science or math lesson on the weekends or after work.  Have him check the children’s work if you haven’t been able to get to it.  Even if Dad can’t help with actual lessons, he CAN and SHOULD help lessen your burden in general with other areas of childcare and housework.

7.)  Have your children step up to the plate

If your children don’t already have chores and responsibilities in your home, NOW is the time to get them started.  Even a two year old can clean up their own toys or help an older sibling with a simple chore, like dusting. Older children can take out trash, wash dishes, fold laundry, etc. Making sure that your family works together as a team enables you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time.  This helps with the homeschooling because you won’t expend as much energy on every task and will have more energy to put towards lessons.

8.) If possible, let go of extracurriculars

Don’t add things to your plate that will increase your fatigue.  If you are in the middle of a year/season, then do the bare necessities.  Don’t volunteer to bring the snacks or carpool.  Don’t sign up to work concessions.  Skip the fundraisers that require you to cart your kid around and knock on doors.  If the year/season has yet to begun, take a break.  It’s okay, really.  At the very least, feel free to cut back.  Little Timmy doesn’t have to have piano lessons, art lessons, football, AND the co-op.  Choose wisely.

9.) Pray

This should actually be number one!  One of my favorite verses is Philippians 4:13:

 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”

ALL things–including homeschool while pregnant.  When you are feeling overwhelmed, bow your head and ask the Lord to give you the strength that you need to get through this moment.  He will not disappoint!

10.) Lose the guilt! 

There is a season for everything and in this baby growing season, you should not feel guilty for not being able to do everything the way that you did before you were expecting.  This too shall pass and you’ll get back into the swing of things when you are ready.

Those are my best tips for homeschooling while pregnant.  Do you have any other tips to add?

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  1. I have never gone past 38 weeks! However I was not Homeschooling! I can imagine that I would have to do all of these things! Good Advice!

  2. Such a “Real Life Homeschooling” topic! I love it! Best wishes for you in your final phase!!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for this post! I have been doing all the research and planning to start homeschooling my four children in the next month or two. I JUST found out I’m pregnant with baby #5. I’m overjoyed but also very overwhelmed. I know that I want to homeschool my children but I want to make sure that I can do it well if I do it. Adding pregnancy and a baby due in Sept kind of throws me for a loop. Posts like this really help! Thanks.

  5. Reading this has given me a great deal of validation. I’m the happy mom of two little ones ages 2 & 4 yrs and I’m 13 weeks pregnant. I also suffer from an autoimmune disorder which causes a lot of pain and fatigue. I began homeschooling last year and have had to take it slowly because of my illness. Having a difficult first trimester has only made homeschooling more challenging. Your tips really resonate with me. I would also suggest soliciting the support of other homeschooling moms if possible. A fellow mom might help teach a lesson or two, help you keep your school materials and resources organized, etc. Also, on days when you might be feeling a bit better, you can put together simple lesson packets that your kids can do with little to no assistance on days when you’re not up to doing much. Thanks so much for this post. Its just what I needed! God bless you and your family!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy that this post was helpful to you.Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am now expecting number 5 (I was expecting number 4 when I wrote this) and I’m having to remind myself of my own advice! Take it easy! Growing babies is hard work!

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