Threepears Homemade Nursing Pads Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I have spent approximately 67 (and counting) months of my life breastfeeding children.  During that time I’ve learned something—leaking is an inevitable part of a lactating mother’s life.  A baby cries (it doesn’t even have to be YOUR baby in the beginning) and you let down.  You think about a baby–drip.  You realize your shirt still smells like spit up from the last feeding—drop.  When you nurse your child on one side, your other side thinks it’s time to feed someone too.  It’s feeding time and your baby is still sleeping?  Yep, you guessed it–leakage. If you don’t use something to help, er, put a cap on things, you’ll end up a little embarrassed and with wet spots on your shirt.

I have always used disposable nursing pads because the idea of the silicone variety just didn’t appeal to me. Disposables do the job, but they tend to be rather thick(increasing chances of being visible through your shirt) and also pricey.  While I was pregnant with our most recent child, I started researching handmade reusable nursing pads after a friend mentioned them.  Lucky for me a friend of mine from high school, Trina Perry(we won’t talk about how long ago high school was!) is extremely talented in handmade crafting AND has her own small business, ThreePears  where she creates things for infants and mothers—including nursing pads!

I chatted with her and decided to purchase some to try out.  I have been very pleased with the results, so I asked her if I could review them here on my blog to share with my readers.  She said yes!

When they arrived, they were in this cute little drawstring bag:

This makes it easy to store and tote (when you travel or go out and want to have a few extra backups) discreetly.

These nursing pads are beautiful!  Mine came in two fabric patterns, a paisley and a pink damask.  Yes, these are worn under your clothes where no one can see them, but I think a woman can never have too many pretty things that she loves.

These carefully handcrafted pads are made using a layer of PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric) which is waterproof, two layers of bamboo flannel, and another layer of cotton flannel. This fabric is soft so it doesn’t irritate sensitive and delicate skin.

Even with four layers, these pads are very thin.  When wearing a normal supportive nursing bra (not the really thin, night time nursing variety), you cannot see them through my shirt at all.

They are also very absorbent.  I have always produced an abundance of milk and I’ve used these from the very beginning, even through the first days when I was very engorged when my milk came in.  (Any woman who has had a baby before knows what THAT is like!).  My baby is only five weeks old and most days I only wear one set all day.  Occasionally, I will have to switch one out, but I’ve never gone through more than two sets in a 24 hour period.  When I wore disposables, I often changed several times a day, especially in the first days when milk production is overabundant.

There are also the obvious benefits:  less waste and less money spent by using these reusable pads rather than purchasing and throwing out disposables.

I am a convert.  I have no intention of going back to my old ways and will be using these little gems for the remainder of my nursing days!

If you are interested in getting your own, they are available through the ThreePears Facebook page. Just peruse the photos to see her products or send Trina a message!  She also makes handmade nursing covers, wetbags, and more!

Trina has also generously offered to giveaway three pairs of nursing pads with their own drawstring bag to one of my readers!  If you’d like to win three pairs from ThreePears, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below! *US residents only*

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  1. I nursed my daughter for about 32 months!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have breastfeed 6 children each longer than a year.

  3. <3

  4. I have nursed one 18 months and another 16 days so far. I am hoping to make it to 18 months again 🙂

  5. I have nursed my 1st for 10 months, and my second for almost 1 year 🙂

  6. #1 for 13.5 mo and #2 for 8 mo and counting

  7. I nursed my first for 8 months and hope to make it a whole year with my second who is 10 weeks old.

  8. I’ve been nursing my son for 16months and am still nursing him through being pregnant… so i have another a few years to go!

  9. I’m nursing baby #4 now. Loving it still!

  10. Mine are all utilitarian white. I want these oretty ones!

  11. I’ve not nursed any children yet, but my little one is due on Dec 23 and plan to breastfeed as long as possible (at least 18 months), as inspired by my mother who breastfed all 4 of her daughters!

  12. jen combs says:

    I’m on my 2nd child. The first I nursed exclusively for 6 mo and continued for a little over a year
    My 2nd is 6 mos old now and has been exclusively breastfed until we just recently introduced solids.

  13. I nursed my child for 6 months

  14. I’m not nursing yet but I plan to nurse all of my children for AT LEAST 6 months.

  15. I nursed my #1 for just over 2 years when he weaned himself. I plan to do the same when baby #2 arrives.

  16. none yet, one on the way

  17. I will be nursing my first this January!

  18. I have nursed three children for 12 moths each, and my fourth is on her eighth month. That would be 43 1/2 months all together.

  19. I love breastfeeding I bf my first son 15mth and my 2nd son we are going strong for 3 mths so far! Love how cute these pads are

  20. I only bf my first for 3 months, he wouldn’t latch and he had horrible colic and we were both miserable. My second baby has been ebf since birth and 4 1/2 months later still going strong. I wish I had this bfing bond with my son that I now have with my daughter.


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