Girls of American History Review and Giveaway!

My nearly eight year old daughter, like many other girls her age, is desperately in love with American Girl dolls and books.  We have been slowly working our way through the historical books and doing activities to accompany them.  It’s been a blast, though it had gotten put on the back burner for a bit because of difficulties during my pregnancy and then the adjustment period that comes along with having a new baby.  She’s been asking to get back into it and as I searched online for ideas, I discovered Girls of American History.

I immediately knew that this was something that my little girl would adore.  This multi sensory curriculum, geared for students in 2nd-6th grade, utilizes the American Girl historical fiction series to create an interactive literature based unit.   There are currently twelve units available, one for each of the current historical characters.

Every downloadable unit contains a suggested weekly schedule, a list of required books, a suggested supplemental reading list, field trip suggestions, craft ideas, and more.  You will definitely need the original six books for the American Girl featured in your chosen unit, as these are the core of the curriculum, however the other books are optional. Following the “Read It, Hear It, See It, Write It, Do It” pattern of learning, your children will incorporate many methods to really absorb the information that is presented.  While Girls of American History is not intended to be an all inclusive curriculum, suggestions for expanding the unit give you a giant springboard that you can use to create a well rounded unit study, covering areas such as geography, language arts, and character studies

After discussing it with my daughter, we chose to test out the Felicity unit.  Focusing on the time frame of the Revolutionary War, this unit helps you to dive into the life of the young and spirited Felicity Merriman who resides in Colonial Williamsburg in the year 1774.  With America being on the very cusp of independence, this period is rich with things to delve into and whet your educational appetite. Dive right in and explore!

Reading about Virgina in our atlas

Starting with the first book in the series, Meet Felicity, we followed the suggested schedule of reading one chapter per day.  The unit suggests some free lapbooking resources to accompany the study, but I used this lapbook from Knowledge Box Central because I liked the layout and teaching helps that were included.  I also have a lapbook to accompany one of the other books, Felicity’s Surprise, from a company named Gear for Learning that I cannot find online any longer. Other books that we utilized were Felicity’s Craft Book and Felicity’s Cookbook.

Historical fiction is one of my daughter’s favorite book genres, so this study was extremely suited to her.  She loved reading the books, drawing pictures, talking about what life would have been like for a little girl in the 1700s, and creating things that Felicity could have also crafted.

The unit is designed to take six weeks, using one book per week.  It is easily adjusted if your own family’s needs are different.  We stretched it out slightly longer since it was not being used as our core curriculum and we wanted to take our time and thoroughly enjoy the activities.  My daughter savored every bit of it and has already asked if we can do another unit soon.

When you purchase a unit or the entire set, you will gain access to the resource section of the Girls of American History website.  Here you will find many links and suggestions that will help you to round out your study even further. 

Overall, this is a wonderful option for any homeschooling girl who loves American Girl.  It combines a beloved book series with real hands on learning. 

Whipping up some pumpkin pudding from the Felicity cookbook

Justine Gamble, the author of these units, has rather generously offered to giveaway Units 1-8 of her series to one lucky reader!!  That includes the units on Kaya, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit, and Molly.  A little girl’s dream!

To enter to win, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. We are currently reading/studying Kaya, so right now I would say Kaya is the favorite…subject to change.

  2. My daughter’s favorite is Josefina. 🙂

  3. My daughter would love this! Thank you.

  4. My daughter’s favorite is Felicity, and my favorite from when I was a girl is Samantha. 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness! why have I not heard of this? I just bought LLATL for next year but we may have to try this for the rest of this year! Oldest is currently reading AG books for reading anyway. This looks amazing!

  6. Alyssa LOVES Josefina! The AMerican Girl series is one of her favorites . . . I am sure that is true for many girls her age. I want to let you in on a little secret . . . I adore the books as well. My favorite character is Kaya. I can’t wait until she starts reading those books. Maybe I can talk her into letting me read them aloud. It would truly be a blessing to win this set of units. I head about this company awhile ago and became very interested in them. Thank you for the chance to win it! God bless!

  7. I intend on incorporating the American Girl books into our American History studies next year and have been eyeing this set.

  8. We have Kirsten and Felicity! My daughter would love this!

  9. This would be wonderful for a co-op class.

  10. Love love love all the American Girls!

  11. I recently picked up a few American Girl books. We can’t wait to start reading them, because we’ve heard such great things about them! This study sounds really great!

  12. Saige

  13. My daughter’s favorite is Caroline.

  14. My little one loves Molly!

  15. Josephina!

  16. My daughter isn’t old enough for American Girls yet but my niece’s favorite is Kaya.

  17. My daughter loves Felicity.

  18. Felicity! I was able to give her my doll from when i was little!

  19. My daughter loves Kaya!

  20. Samantha, Molly, or Rebecca

  21. We are reading Molly’s books right now. I’m enjoying it as much as my little girl!

  22. Anonymous says:

    My daughter loves Marie Grace!

  23. My 9 year old daughter likes Kirsten and my 7 year old daughter likes Felicity. They both like Caroline as well!

  24. Kirsten is it at our house.

  25. Kaya!

  26. My daughter loves Felicity!

  27. My daughter Loves Felicity and Samantha. She loves all things American Girl

  28. My daughter likes Kirsten

  29. We have just started collecting American Girl books for our girls ages 7 and 4..I think they will love them all!

  30. This would be great to teach my girls!

  31. I have 2 daughters. Caroline & Josefina are probably the favorites here at our house. Really they love all of the historical dolls.

  32. Have been looking for a way to combine my girl’s love of dolls with love of reading chapter books! What a great opportunity!

  33. I always loved Samantha and Molly and my daughter likes Samantha.

  34. my daughter loves American girls. she likes to go to the American girl store in n.y.c.

  35. Thanks for doing this. My daughter loves Julie.

  36. This is amazing!! Love American Girl Dolls and so glad they are here for my daughter to grow up with!! Thanks for the chance.

  37. Love American Girl Dolls. So glad they are here for my daughter to grow up with! Thanks for the chance!

  38. Katherine S. says:

    My favorite growing up was Felicity. My girls don’t really have a favorite. They would love this though!

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