Helpful Products for Nursing Mothers {Review}

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In the midst of my last pregnancy, I experienced some very challenging morning sickness that nearly debilitated me.  I spent weeks upon weeks just lying on my couch, too sick to move and wondering if anything would relieve me of the nausea.  Then I was blessed to review some pregnancy supplements from Fairhaven Health, one of which drastically improved my symptoms. I was sold on their products and was very interested in testing out some of the things they have available for nursing mothers after my son was born. 

Fairhaven Health was gracious enough to send me several things to try and share with my readers. The best quality of the products that Fairhaven offers is that they are natural.  They are not full of unnecessary chemicals or byproducts which is important to many women and mothers, including me.

The first product that I used was the Nursing Blend Breastfeeding Supplement This blend contains no gluten, soy, animal products, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors.  It is chock full of vitamins (especially vitamin D) and lactogenic ingredients such as fenugreek, fennel seed, and vervain.  It is well known that nursing mothers should continue to take a prenatal vitamin throughout the duration of their breastfeeding experience to help ensure that the milk has the proper nutrients for baby and to help her stay healthy too.  However, most prenatals aren’t equipped to meet the specific needs of a nursing mother and they certainly have no effect on milk production if a woman is struggling in that area. This is where Nursing Blend really shines! 

Following the recommendation of taking three capsules daily, you can see an increase in your milk supply!  I’ve never had a problem with producing enough milk for my children, so I wondered if I’d notice a difference.  After only a few days of taking the supplement, I started to experience engorgement because of the drastic increase in my milk production! I can only imagine the difference a woman who needed this sort of improvement would experience!  I cut back to only two capsules a day to keep the benefits without the discomfort.  I plan to continue using these for as long as I am nursing my little man.

Next up is the Nipple Nurture Balm, an organic and lanolin free cream to use for soreness and/or cracking that sometimes accompanies breastfeeding.  For several years I have used a lanolin cream for this purpose without any complaints but some women prefer to try other methods because of allergies or because of possible pesticide presence. This balm is a fantastic alternative! 

Made from 100% organic and natural ingredients like marshmallow root, calendula, extra virgin olive oil, and shea butter, this cream is perfect for soothing sore nipples.  It’s texture is a little less thick than the typical lanolin cream which makes it easier to apply.  Safe for both mother and baby, it does not need to be removed before feeding your child. 

Besides using this to prevent any soreness (especially in the first several weeks of nursing), I’ve found that it is wonderful for dry cracked hands or feet and chapped lips as well!  This is going to be one of my go-to shower gifts for moms to be from now on.

Lastly we have the Milkies Milk Saver, an innovative creation made to help mothers preserve every last drop of their milk for their babies.  Any mother who has breastfed or needed to pump knows that breast milk is like liquid gold.  Spilling this milk IS something to cry over at times.  It’s also common knowledge that leakage can occur from the breast that is not being used during a feeding.  This BPA and phthalate free silicone milk saver slides comfortably into any nursing bra or snug fitting tank.  When you are nursing baby on one breast, any milk that leaks during your letdown from the other side will be caught and contained in the reservoir for you to later remove and store!  How neat is that?

While the product says it is discreet and can replace nursing pads, I believe that it is best used at home. It is comfortable and didn’t bother me at all to wear.  It easily slid into position inside my nursing bra and fit nearly all the way inside. It is best emptied immediately after use or you risk milk spilling out of the top and it is noticeable under a shirt.  Even still, this is a great resource for nursing moms everywhere!  You can collect more of your milk without pumping for later use which is a wonderful benefit.  Never waste a drop of breast milk again!

The Milk Saver comes with a clear durable case for storage that also can be used as a stand to set it on. It’s even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

Phew!  Those are great goodies for the breastfeeding moms out there!  If you’d like to purchase your own, please visit Fairhaven Health. The Nursing Blend Breastfeeding Supplement retails for $19.95,
the Nipple Nurture Balm for $11.95, and the Milkies Milk Saver is on sale for $27.95!  All of these items currently have FREE SHIPPING!  You may learn more about this company by connecting with them via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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