Babywearing in the Summer {A Beachfront Baby Review and GIVEAWAY!}

I mentioned in a post earlier this week that my personal favorite baby carrier is my wrap.  I love it and use it constantly when I have small babies and toddlers. It is the most comfortable carrier that I have ever used and I appreciate its versatility.

The one downside to it is that it is very hot to wear during the warm months of the year because it is made of jersey knit. This meant that during the warmer weather periods, I had to use other styles of carriers and put the wrap away until I could use it without sweating. We spend a great deal of time outdoors and being active throughout the summer, so babywearing is part of daily life even outside of our home.  I always wished that I could use my favorite carrier during this time, but it just wasn’t possible without giving myself and baby a heat stroke.

Recently, this problem has been solved for me and I am very excited to share my discovery with you all this week!  Beachfront Baby is a company started by a work at home mom that manufactures breathable baby carriers that are absolutely perfect for the summer season!

I reviewed the Beachfront Baby Wrap in sky blue.  My husband is a die hard North Carolina Tarheels fan and when I asked for his input on color, he chose this one because it so closely resembles the signature Carolina blue. Our oldest son’s t-ball team is also known as the Tarheels (my husband is the coach), so we were able to have team spirit when using the wrap at games and practices. 

Any babywearing mama would be pleased with these polyester jersey blend ring slings and wraps. They are just as comfortable as the more traditional versions yet they provide adequate air flow that will keep mom and baby cool and comfy.

Happy little guy!

They are designed to be worn in the water as well so they are perfect for taking your little one to the beach or the pool.  Whenever I’ve gone swimming with infants or toddlers in the past, I have always held them in my arms, which makes for a short stint in the water.  Now, I’ll be able to wade in and have my hands free to assist  my other small children at the same time!

You can also wear your baby into the shower in these carriers!  Get baby’s bath in while taking your own!

The wraps are one size at 15 feet long and 19-20 inches wide at the center(wraps are also available in extra large and petite if needed). They hold babies from 8 to 30 pounds.  If you are familiar with standard baby wraps, you put this on in the same fashion.  It has a slight stretch, but is not quite as flexible as the regular styles because you need baby to remain safe and secure while immersed with you in water. 

Me and my little guy hanging out at big brother’s t-ball game.

It isn’t quite warm enough for water play here in North Carolina, but we still got plenty of use out of this wrap.  I was able to move freely while keeping my seven month old son content and I never felt too hot or sweaty.  I did get it wet in the shower to test it out and I was quite pleased with the comfort it maintained after it was saturated. The material feels similar to that of a swimsuit and dries relatively quickly.

The wrap is available in ten colors, so there is something to suit everyone! If you prefer a ring sling, they have those as well!

I am so happy to have discovered Beachfront Baby and their warm weather ready carriers.  I am even more ecstatic to tell you that they have very generously offered to giveaway one wrap to one lucky reader!  Winner will be allowed to choose their own size and color!

If you’d like to enter for your chance to win one of these great baby carriers, then just fill out the form below!  U.S. residents only. Good luck!

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  1. Clean house, garden, zoo without stroller hassle and so much more I do/did in wraps and hopefully more if I get this one for next baby

  2. My husband and I take turns wearing our daughter grocery shopping. I wear her a ton around the house because she loves to be close

  3. Grocery shopping, go for walks, at the park

  4. Gardening, grocery shopping, walks, folding laundry, etc.

  5. Grocery shopping, walks around the block, shopping at the mall, and everything around the house – laundry, cooking, sweeping mopping vacuuming, dishes, and anytime we go out. No strollers or bucket seat car seats for us!

  6. We do a lot of hikes, shopping, and walks with our carrier.

  7. Loved baby wearing with my first son and can’t wait to with this baby! We love to take walks, wear while grocery shopping, make it a million times easier to chase big brother around! Alaska’s very unpredictable summers make it quite hot and miserable sometimes though so this wrap would be perfect 🙂

  8. Lots of walking!

  9. My little one isn’t here yet, but the two main places I plan to wear him are walking the dogs or shopping. We live in an apartment so the dogs must be walked.

  10. This wrap seems awesome was suggested by a friend because it’s so hot in san Antonio. Can only really use moby a few months

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