Wearing Skirts/Dresses in the Spring{Seasonal Skirts Blog Hop}

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Nearly two years ago, I wrote about our family’s transition to wearing skirts and dresses most of the time. Wow.  I hadn’t really realized it had been that long until I just wrote that! It’s been quite the journey and though we do still choose to wear pants and capris on occasion, our growth in this area has really blossomed.

I decided to start this series because of the many questions that I’ve heard about how women who are like me actually dress throughout the year.  Since each season has its own traits that have an effect on clothing choices, I thought that having four separate posts would be the best option.  Ten other bloggers have joined with me to co-host this hop, all of whom wear skirts and/or dresses mostly or only.  The co-hosts are:

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We look forward to sharing with you how we do it and please feel free to link up your own posts as well! 

Without further ado, I’ll start with myself.  I’m no fashion guru.  I have to tell you that upfront just in case you had high expectations.  Thrift stores are my best friends and my biggest priority as a mother of four small children is comfort.

I’m also a nursing mother, so for now, there won’t be many one piece dresses shown as they do not offer me access to feed my little guy.

Here are six outfits that I’ve worn in the last few weeks:

Outfit #1
Black and white striped 3/4 sleeve shirt
Knee length denim skirt
Thin black capri leggings
I love this shirt because it has a high neckline and it’s loose enough to mask the fact that even nearly 8 months later, I’m still masking some postpartum tummy jiggle. The skirt makes it easy to move around with my children, but still covers.  It was a cooler day, but not cold, so the leggings were added for a little extra warmth.
Outfit #2
White undershirt
Babydoll style v-neck shirt
Black jersey knit knee length foldover skirt

I adore this skirt.  In fact, I love it so much that I have three of them in different colors.  It is extremely soft and comfortable and very versatile.  I can pair it with casual shirts for every day wear or dressier shirts for church. I also wore them all throughout my pregnancy.  I purchased mine from Old Navy. The neckline for my outer shirt is far lower than I would ever wear alone, so I paired it with an undershirt with a higher neckline.

Outfit #3
3/4 sleeved navy blue shirt
Beige short sleeved cardigan
 Ankle length straight denim skirt

It was a bit cooler on this day as well, so I wore a longer skirt and added a layer. We had our mid week evening church service that night as well.

Outfit #4
Light pink undershirt
Off white knit short sleeved sweater
Black knee length jersey knit skirt

My three year old daughter insisted on being in this photo with me. She’s wearing a simple cotton jumper dress over a white t-shirt. Yes, this is the same black skirt as pictured above.  I told you that I loved it!

Outfit #5
Coral lace lined camisole
Light blue short sleeved top
Ankle length ruffled denim skirt

I have several of these lace trimmed camisoles in a variety of colors.  I wear one under most outfits for modesty and because they make nursing our son easy.  I found this jean skirt at Goodwill one day for $3.75.  Did I mention that I love thrift stores?

Outfit #6
White lace trimmed camisole
Blue 3/4 sleeved top
Long sleeved white sweater
Ankle length gray and white chevron maxi skirt

This was on Resurrection Sunday this past weekend. That is another one of the camisoles that I mentioned in the last outfit.  They are really great for layering!  I’ve had that blue top since I was in college! The skirt is a *cough* *cough* maternity skirt that I purchased at Motherhood Maternity last summer. *sigh* Yes, I am still wearing some maternity clothes.  Ssh.  Don’t tell.

I didn’t talk about my shoes because I was wearing the exact.same.pair of grey Bobs with every outfit except the one on Easter. I did break out a pair of white low heels for that day. What can I say?  Comfort over fashion for this gal.  Those Bobs are little bits of heaven for my feet.

Modest Dresses for Girls
Now for a glimpse at my daughters!  My three year old doesn’t make an appearance as often as my eight year old.  She’s three. ‘Nuff said.

Outfit #1
White t-shirt
Multicolored cotton calf length summer dress

We don’t allow spaghetti straps in our home, so when we find a cute dress that has them, I tend to pair it with an undershirt of some kind.  This dress is one of my daughter’s favorites because it has a high twirlability.

Outfit #2
Below the knee length cotton skirt
White undershirt
Blue tie back top

My daugher loves color and patterns.  Another important feature in her clothing choices is the twirlability (see above post).  The more a skirt fans out when she spins, the better.

Outfit #3
Green cotton polo dress
Striped fleece hat
Twinkle Toes tennis shoes
Pink sock monkey

She’s three and dressed herself.  I think that’s self explanatory. Coincidentally, my eldest daughter loved to accessorize when this dress belonged to her. I noticed this day that a growth spurt had happened in the last few weeks.  The dress hits above the knee, which we try to avoid, so this was the last time she’s worn this particular ensemble.  We had to give such a fashion forward garment one last hurrah.

Outfit(s) #4
Floral knee length linen dresses
Blue short sleeved shrug
White lace long sleeved sweater

My two pretties on Easter. Love those princesses! I wonder how many more years I can get away with making them match? I found these at Sears.

Outfit #5
Off white short sleeve shirt with gold trim around neckline
Calf length multi colored skirt

This is my daughter’s favorite skirt in her closet.  She wears it at least once a week.

Outfit #6
Gray undershirt
Brown and white striped top
Knee length denim skirt

This is what she wore to our park playdate.  It’s comfy and she can run and play without restriction.

My girls both always wear either leggings or cotton shorts underneath their skirts or dresses for modesty purposes.  They are still young and my husband and I feel this is best while they are still learning to sit, stand, and play without exposing themselves. I typically pick these up on clearance during end of season sales.

Well, there’s a glimpse into our closets during the spring!  We have relatively simple tastes and stick to practicality more than glitz and glamour.

What do you wear in the spring with your dresses and skirts?

Be sure to stop by the other co-hosts sites to see their spring skirt/dress style!

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  1. I love all your outfits especially the second one!!! Your daughters just so adorable and I love their Easter Dresses!

  2. You’re actually finding long denim skirts!!!! I haven’t been able to find a long denim skirt in years!

    I love Gabrielle’s skirt in Outfit #5. I would so wear that if it was in my size. 🙂

  3. We switched almost two years ago. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about it and one mom from our church is thinking about switching too. Thamks for sharing!

  4. I like simple and practical! Thrift stores too.:) I like outfit #2 also. The blouse is nice. Your kids are adorable. I love their outfits.

  5. Great posts! And my daughter always wears the shorts or leggings under her skirt ~ even at age 18. She is just more comfortable with that option!


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