Making Bathroom Cleaning Fun {Building Life Skills with Children}

Homemaking can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are a homeschooler and you spend most days with everyone in the house. Living full, busy lives gets messy.  Clutter takes over, spills happen, muddy footprints appear across kitchen floors, and toys take up residence on seemingly every flat surface available.

In our home, we believe that our children should contribute to maintaining cleanliness and order because we are a team.  We are a familial unit that helps one another carry the workload so that everything will run efficiently.  That’s why I thought it’d be great to participate in this Cleaning With Kids blog hop, hosted by Victoria at Sguiggles and Bubbles.  Five bloggers have decided to share with you how we include our children in household chores to help give you ideas that will make daily tasks more fun for them and lighten your load!

I’ve decided to focus on the bathroom. This room is typically the one that most dread cleaning up. It can be gross (especially if you have boys!) and who honestly looks forward to scrubbing toilets or soap scum? With a few simple “tricks,” you can get your bathroom sparkling, teach your children life skills, AND have a bit of fun.

Here are the general parts of most bathrooms and my suggestions for making it easy and enjoyable for children to clean:

1. The Toilet
Let’s just go ahead and begin with the nitty gritty here. The throne of the room has the potential to be the most disgusting undesirable part to scrub, but it doesn’t have to be! We like to make sure that any cleaning products that our children may handle are non toxic so that there is no danger to them when they help. Many times, we make our own cleaning solutions. For this job, all you’ll need is some baking soda and white vinegar.

Have your child pour about a cup of baking soda all along the inside of the bowl.

Fill a squirt bottle with vinegar and let them squeeze it out on to the baking soda.  This will cause a fizzing reaction that will bring the giggles! For added fun, add a bit of food coloring to the vinegar.

Let the fizzing solution sit for 5-10 minutes and then use a toilet brush to scrub it out.

Then provide a spray bottle full of vinegar and water (I use either apple cider or white vinegar for this in a 50/50 ratio) and have them spray down the top, sides, and seat of the toilet. Wipe with a cloth and you’re done!

Baby brother watches on.

2. Counters
These are really easy.  Just provide a vinegar/water spray bottle as mentioned above, have them clear off everything from the counters and wipe off with a cloth. For a bit of fun, I sometimes allow my children to sprinkle baking soda all over the counter top and then spritz with the vinegar to make foam all over to wipe. Foam is always fun!

3. Shower/Tub
For this task, I use this solution.  Put it in a squirt bottle(or a water gun!) and let your child spray to their heart’s content. Let it sit for a bit and then send them in with a scrub brush and/or a sponge to wipe everything down. Easy peasy!

There’s nothing magical or elaborate about any of these tips, but sometimes it is the simple things that kids love best.

Do your children help with household chores?

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  1. My children make their beds, and put their laundry away, but I haven’t been brave enough to bring them in on bathroom cleaning.

  2. I’ve yet to brave cleaning the bathroom with the girls but love the idea of making it fun with a little bicarb and vinegar magic!

  3. Love it! My toddler loves to clean the toilets 🙂

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