A Night Night Prayer {A Review and Giveaway!}

A Night Night Prayer #review and #giveaway

The quiet time before tucking children into bed can be one of the times that you spend bonding with them on a deeper level. They are finally relaxed after shooting around like little balls of energy all day, their minds are settling down, and you can have focused attention on them without the distractions of daily tasks. This is the time when many children will share with you whether they are worried, curious, or excited.  Listening to your child’s bedtime prayers can also give you a glimpse into what is on their hearts and minds. It’s just a special time of day when you can really take advantage of the opportunity to grow closer to your child. I highly recommend taking your time during the evening with your children-read to them, cuddle them, listen to them.


Ever since my oldest child was an infant, I have spent a portion of our bedtime routine reading to my children.  I’ve found that it helps to change the tone of the day from “play time!” to “rest time!”  Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of a little head leaning on their shoulder or a small body curled up in their lap? It can serve as a good beginning or end to your nightly routine.

Recently, we had the opportunity to review a sweet children’s book that is a perfect calming prayer that follows a young alpaca as he winds down for the evening. A Night Night Prayer by Amy Parker is a classic padded board book that has been redesigned and rereleased for today’s children to enjoy. Using simple rhyme and artwork that is quaint and beautiful, this story follows little alpaca as he says good night to all the blessings God has given him from the birds in the nests outside to his own snoozing mother and father.


This is a great cuddle-up-and-snuggle book to read to your wee ones before they drift off to the land of nod. It will set an example to them on how to thank the Lord for everything and will help lull them into a pleasant calm so they can relax and settle down for the evening. Parents, don’t miss out on these moments to really be in the moment with your children. They are fleeting and precious and you won’t regret it.

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  1. JessicaJessica Medina says:

    I pray with my little ones every night.

  2. We pray and read to our children before they go to sleep. Then we sit with them for a while as they fall asleep.

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