Lovely Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway!

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I haven’t written much about our use of cloth diapers, mostly because we do not use them exclusively. We use cloth at home some times, but not always and I rarely use them out and about. It’s just what works for our family right now. My stash has dwindled over the years as children grew and potty trained.

Now that we have our youngest son, I’ve been slowly rebuilding the pile of fluff so that we can use them with him. The newest addition to the diaper stack is the Boogies Classic from Lovely Pocket Diapers.

This super cute diaper is one of the softest I have ever felt. The lining on the interior is made by a stain resistant suede and feels so plush and comfortable. It feels like a good snuggly blanket that you just want to cuddle up in. The outer shell is constructed of a waterproof polyester PUL fabric and the microfiber insert is triple layered for absorbency.

My personal favorite feature of the diaper is all the snaps! The abundance of them provide three rises, waist overlays, and adjustment on the hips. This makes it very easy to get the perfect fit for you little one in the 8-35lb range. If you are like me and birth large babies, this would work great from the day your child is born!

My little guy is 10 months old and weighs 19 pounds. I had no problem securing the diaper around him with ease.  He also deals with bouts of eczema, so I have to be careful with the types of fabrics that rub his sensitive skin. We experienced no issues in this department with the Lovely Pocket Diaper.

For budget conscious mamas, this is an excellent choice for your fluff stash. Unlike many companies that charge $10-25 for similar diapers, these quality options are only $7-7.50! How’s that for easing the pain in your wallet?!  You could easily stock up at those prices for the cost it’d take you to buy only a few diapers elsewhere!

Currently the Classic Lovely Pocket Diaper is available in twelve solid colors and twenty two fun designs! You can also find cloth diapering accessories, prefolds, and covers in the shop at fantastic prices!

Want a chance to win one classic diaper of your very own? Then just fill out the form below! Open to U.S. and Canada only.

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  1. Puzzle! Though I love the monsters and dinos as well!

  2. Monkeys and the puzzle are my favorites!

  3. i love the jungle print!

  4. Decisions, decisions! I like Giraffe, Blue Dots, Owl, or Jungle. 🙂

  5. Camille says:


  6. Elizabeth says:


  7. Amanda Temple says:

    I would choose camo so my little one can match daddy!

  8. love the cow print! how cute!

  9. Ashley Y says:

    I like the tiger print or the monkeys. 🙂

  10. I’d choose the purple!!

  11. I’d choose the cow diaper!

  12. i want dino!

  13. Dinos

  14. These are so cute! I’m fine with any 🙂

  15. I’d choose the blue chevron! It’s perfect for my little man!

  16. kelly ramsey says:

    love cloth diapers. Id love any of them for my little boy really trying to grow my small stash

  17. I’d love to have any of them! They are all so adorable. I’d probably pick the green since we don’t know what we will be having yet. 😀

  18. crystal webb says:

    It is sooo hard to pick just one! I think I would have to go with the giraffe print! The Dino is a close second!

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