DIY Yarn Wrapped Fall Wreath

Confession: I have always wanted to decorate my home for each season.

I always had a desire to spruce up our home and make it feel cozy while also bringing in a sense of what was going on outdoors, but I tended to talk myself out of it every year. I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t exactly proud of our little ramshackle home and felt like any effort that I put in to making it pretty for the holidays or seasons would be unnoticeable because of the chipped paint, the old windows, the fading exterior, etc. We renters, so we couldn’t change most of the things I found bothersome, but the reality was the problem wasn’t the house, it was me. It was a pride issue.

Our old home

Our old home. Yes, all 6 of us lived in this 2 bedroom home. 🙂

I finally dealt with my own insecurities and decided to be thankful for the home the Lord had provided for us, no matter the condition.  We have since moved to a new-to-us home, and now, even though we are in a home that I feel isn’t as much of an eye sore (though it’s still nothing fancy!), I’ve decided to embrace it.  We may not have a house that would fit in with the nearest gated community or that could fit a family of 10 with ease, but it’s our home.I want to make it feel like it’s our comfortable little spot where we kick back and relax and don’t have any worries because it’s our space.

So I’ve decided to start getting ready for the fall! Being frugally minded, I’ve decided to only decorate with things I make myself. My first project? A wreath to hang on our front door.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Wreath for Fall

After scouring Pinterest for ideas, I decided to go with a fairly basic yarn wrapped wreath because I’m not a super crafty person by nature and didn’t want to get in over my head with level of difficulty.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Wreath




1. The first task it to wind the yarn around the frame. It took me two days and around five hours to complete mine. This is rather tedious, so take breaks when you need to rest.  I sat in 1-1 1/2 hour increments while watching television to do mine.


Since this yarn is multicolored, I advise being sure to have the colors be in lines rather than wrapping different colors overlapping one another. Of course, this is just a personal preference, so if you desire to do it a different way, go for it!

Wrap tightly so that the yarn doesn’t come loose or unravel.


Once you’ve covered the entire wire form, tie a knot on the back of the wreath and snip off the extra ends.

2.  Make felt flowers to decorate the wreath. I used these three tutorials to make the flowers you see on my wreath:


  • Felt poppies from The Handcrafted Life (these are the brown flowers with yellow buttons on my wreath)
  • Simple felt flower from UsefulDIY(these are the orange flowers)
  • Rolled felt flower from Living Locurto (these are the cream colored flowers)

3. Use your hot glue gun to arrange the flowers on your wreath.

4. Make a burlap bow. I used a small burlap sack that I had lying around to make mine, but you can also purchase it at fabric or craft stores. I followed this tutorial from Mardi Gras Outlet to make two gathered bows. I used twisty ties to secure them together perpendicular to one another to make a circular bow.


Then I cut a small circle from my leftover brown felt and glued it over the center to cover the ties. Then I glued a few decorative buttons on and hot glued the entire thing on to the wreath.

5. Attach a small piece of twine around the top and tie it in a bow for hanging.


Now you’re ready to adorn your door with some fall themed decor!

For my first attempt, I don’t think it’s half bad.  There are a few flaws,  but I think it gives it that homemade character that I love to see. I’m already planning to make at least one more for our back door.

I’m ready to ring in the crisp, cool fall air!

Have you ever made your own wreath?


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