I is for Isaac

Do you like looking at pictures? Pictures give a snap shot of what was happening at a particular time. Today we are going to look at Isaac. There is not that much detail on Isaac’s life but we do have a few highlights. In this Bible study, we will be looking at the photo album of Isaac.
I is for Isaac: A Snapshot of Isaac's Life for Children


Isaac Is Born

Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah when they were very old. They were so old that they were sure that they could not have any children. Isaac was a gift from God to both Abraham and Sarah and he was a miracle baby.

baby isaac

Isaac and His Father Abraham

When Isaac was a boy, God gave Abraham a very hard job to do. God wanted to see if Abraham loved God more than he loved Isaac. Thankfully, his father passed the test and God blessed Isaac.

The Jewish boy  - Isaac from the biblical stories

Isaac meets Rebekah

Do you know how your parents met? People meet there husbands and wives a lot differently than they did back then. Isaac’s father told one of his workers to go and find a wife for Isaac. Isaac had no idea who it was going to be. But God was guiding Abraham’s worker and he found the perfect wife for Isaac. Her name was Rebekah.
Check out this free colouring page of Isaac meeting Rebekah courtesy of LaptopZine HERE.

Isaac Has Twins

Twins are always so cute and so lovable except for these two. Isaac had 2 sons that were absolutely rotten. His first son Esau, gave a way a huge gift that his father had given him for hardly anything. His second son Jacob, tricked Esau into giving away another gift from his father. Esau was very angry and wanted to hurt his brother and so Jacob had to run away.

The Jewish men  - Abraham from the biblical stories

I have also included a few coloring pages that describe Isaac’s life for free.

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