Share a Blessing Through the Mail

I’ve written before about how I think how old fashioned letter writing should make a comeback. I feel so much nostalgia when thinking back to my childhood days of eagerly awaiting a return letter from a cousin, a friend, or a pen pal. My oldest daughter has had the opportunity to exchange letters through several venues and absolutely adores it when she gets her very own mail.

Share a Blessing Through the Mail

When we got the opportunity to review this super cute book from Thomas Nelson that includes over 1,000 letter, flowers, cupcakes, and other girly stickers as well as postcards and greeting cards adorned with inspiring messages and Scriptures. Share a Blessing is 66 pages of fun that encourage your young daughters to reach out to loved ones to let them know that they are missed and appreciated.

Imagine how special the recipient will feel when they open up their mailbox and discover a special, handwritten and decorated note just for them.  I don’t know about you, but that would totally make my day!

Why don’t we show our children that keeping this age old tradition alive is not only fun, but can also leave a window open that leads to serving others by letting them know they are loved?


My daughter has already prepared and sent several of these cute postcards and has a list at the ready to make more shipments. The delight on her face as she takes the time to carefully craft just the right words and place the stickers in just the right spot is priceless. I only hope that her messages brings the same happiness to those on the receiving end.

This paperback book retails for $9.99. Would you like the opportunity to win a copy for your little girl? Then take a few moments to fill out the form below! U.S. Residents only.





  1. I still write letters to family members and friends because it truely is a lost art! It’s more personal and special in my opinion! I’ve taught my oldest daughter to write thank you letters or just because letters and she loves doing it! It’s something fun to share together 🙂

  2. I was just telling my daughter last week how I met a girl at church camp when I was in Jr. High and we exchanged letters into college! It was fun having a pen pal. I also had extended family who lived far away and were letter writers. I’m not sure I fully appreciated the everyday news I received in letters from my aunt and grandmother at the time, but it was fun to receive letters and I often wrote back. I treasure the memories now and wish letter writing wasn’t becoming a lost art!

  3. Candice Simmons says:

    When I was 7, we had an exchange student from Japan for the summer. After she left, we wrote to each other for years. After all this time we still communicate and her daughters write to my daughter and vice versa. This book would be awesome to have!!

  4. I had a pen pal from the time I was in jr high school through college! I did get to meet her for my 16th birthday. We lost touch sometime after college, but occasionally exchange Christmas cards. To think my daughter has “e-pals” only … not the same as receiving that envelope in the mail with your own name on it.

  5. kristin south says:

    my daughter loves to write to her cousins, and has 2 penpals she’s never met in person. I’m planning on putting stationary in her Christmas stocking this year 🙂

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