Big Block Singsong DVD Review and Giveaway!

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Have you ever come across a children’s show that has this way of getting ingrained into your mind so that the songs in it will pop out, seemingly of their own accord, at random times throughout the day? I don’t mean in the annoying someone-get-this-song-0ut-of-my-head way, but in the this-is-fun-and-cute kind of way.

I appreciate these sorts of catchy tunes because it’s always fun to suddenly burst out into song and have your children dissolve into fits of giggles  because of you or even join you in your serenade. Oh, wait. That’s just me?

Big Block Singsong DVD Review and Giveaway


Must be my theatre background.

My children and I have found a new repertoire of songs thanks to the brand spankin’ new Big Block Singsong DVD from Kaboom! Entertainment that is just being launched today in North America! This fun 48 minute disc that contains 24 episodes of the popular segment that airs on Disney Jr., will have you tapping your toes and dancing around the room.  Not only are these songs extra silly, but they are also educational. Each one teaches a brief lesson on subjects such as body parts, animals, and more.


The characters are bright and colorful, yet simple in design. Each one is a basic rectangle that can be changed into a variety of things from an octopus to a Bigfoot with the addition of  a few fun characteristics. The music isn’t quite like most other children’s music shows because it is modern and unique. In fact, when we watched for the first time, the music for the second episode began and my six year old son said,

“This one’s going to be groovy.”

Hear that, folks? Totally groovy.

Want to see a sneak peek? Here is one of our favorites from the DVD:


If you are like me, you couldn’t help but chuckle at that song. It’s good, quality and silly entertainment. Though we do not have cable and had never seen Big Block Singsong before we received this DVD for review, it’s quickly become a favorite. Even my eight year old loves it. I was asked approximately 14 times over the weekend if they could watch it again. And again. And again.

Would you like an opportunity to win a copy of this super silly DVD for your children? It’d make a great stocking stuffer! If so, just fill out the form below!


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  1. My Kids Love big block! Especially my 19 month old!

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