K is for King Solomon

I’m excited to be participating in Dusty’s blog series, The ABCs of Bible Study for Children! When I signed up for the letter K, I immediately knew I wanted to do a post about King Solomon. I always loved stories about King Solomon as a child and I really enjoyed putting this post together!

K is for King Solomon

There are so many things you can teach your kids about King Solomon. Bible for Children, Inc. has a great illustrated booklet of King Solomon’s life, Wise King Solomon. This overview tells about who he was and how he became so wise and tells the famous story of the baby, the two mothers and the sword. It also features the temple and tells how Solomon did not always obey God. This is a great little booklet for kids of all ages and it can be viewed online or printed for personal use.

Calvary Curriculum has several lesson plans about Solomon. Each lesson plan includes the story, scripture, coloring pages, worksheets, and crossword puzzles.

Biblewise has games, coloring pages, worksheets, stories and an audio story. There are different activities for all ages from preschool to teens as well as lesson plans on Proverbs.

Adventures In Mommydom has a fantastic printable set about Solomon’s Wisdom. She has included an illustrated story with questions for young and older children with crafts and activity ideas.

From Adventures in Mommydom

For a more thorough study for older elementary students, check out the lesson plan, Solomon Builds the Temple, from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Children’s Ministry.

The book of Proverbs is typically attributed to Solomon. He wrote over 3,000 proverbs in his lifetime and there are approximately 900 proverbs included in the Bible. Family Life has some suggestions for Proverbs to teach your children and to memorize as a family.

Here are some more great resources for your King Solomon study:

Arts and Crafts
Paper Crown Printable
Coloring Page–King Solomon
Coloring Page–Solomon and the Baby with Two Mothers
Coloring Page–King Solomon’s Dream
Coloring Page–King Solomon on Throne
King Solomon Mask Printable
K is for King craft
K is for King handwriting sheet

Mama Jenn–Printable Proverbs pages plus over 30 Proverbs copywork pages

Printable Proverbs
Cherished Bliss–Proverbs 22:6
Pancakes and Glue Guns–Proverbs 24:3-4
Delight Creative Home–Proverbs 31:30
Simply Bloom Blog–Proverbs 31:25

Books and Games
Solomon’s Temple Board Game
King Solomon’s Temple Model
Solomon the Wise King: Bible Stories for Children
For more bible study ideas for kids, check out all of the posts for each letter below.


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