Wearing Skirts in the Fall {Seasonal Skirts Blog Hop}

One of my biggest obstacles when I first started wearing skirts mostly was the cold months of the year.  I was very uneducated on how I could both follow my new wardrobe style and keep warm when temperatures started to drop. Since I live in the south, it can stay relatively warm well into November, so I managed for two years to simply make do with pantyhose or by just wearing pants on the extremely cold days. In the fall, temperatures here fluctuate from mid/high 70s to mid 50s. It’s not typically super cold, but sometimes you’ll need a little more coverage to keep from getting too chilly. In the outfits that I’m going to share with you below, you’ll see a range from warm day outfits to ensembles that work for when the air is crisp.

Seasonal Skirts: Fall Edition

I apologize in advance for the lack of quality in some of these photographs. My camera is on its last leg and some were taken with my cell phone.

Outfit #1
Pink sleeveless sweater with matching cardigan
Gray ankle length skirt
Gray ballet flats

fall skirt1

This was an outfit that I wore on one cool, rainy Sunday to our church services. The sweater kept me warm, but isn’t so thick that it’d be too warm if the sun decided to peek out from behind the clouds and the skirt was long enough to provide coverage for my legs.

Outfit #2
Blue and gray striped short sleeved turtleneck
Black cotton fold over skirt
Extremely cute toddler

fall skirt2

This black skirt has made an appearance before. It is just so comfy and I have it in two other colors as well. They are great year round depending on what you pair them with based on the weather.

Outfit #3
Fuschia short sleeve turtleneck
Gray cotton foldover skirt
Gray ballet flats

fall skirt3

This gray skirt is the same as the black above. I told you they are super comfy!

Outfit #4
Red short sleeve blouse
Light pink tank
Ankle length denim skirt
Gray Bobs

fall skirts 4

This outfit is rather indicative of my daily wardrobe. It’s comfortable and functional and allows me to do everything from housework to running to extracurricular activities.

Outfit #5
Light pink t-shirt
Ankle length denim skirt
Gray Bobs

fall skirts 5

Denim skirts are my best friend. Seriously. So are my Bobs. ‘Nuff said.

Outfit #6
White ruffled t-shirt
Brown, pink, and green striped cardigan
Brown linen skirt
Brown leggings
Brown heeled boots

fall skirts 6

Boots are a skirt wearing gal’s friend in cooler weather. I rarely wear heels, but occasionally I’ll feel a little frisky and break them out. Honestly, after carrying four large babies, my back cannot handle them for long so it really is a rare occasion. I prefer flat heeled boots but I found these at Goodwill for $3 and couldn’t pass them up!

There you have it–a glimpse at how I wear skirts in the fall here in the south. How do you wear yours?

I decided to start this series because of the many questions that I’ve heard about how women who are like me actually dress throughout the year.  Since each season has its own traits that have an effect on clothing choices, I thought that having four separate posts would be the best option.  Nine other bloggers have joined with me to co-host this hop, all of whom wear skirts and/or dresses mostly or only.  The co-hosts are:

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  1. That red top is beautiful on you. And can we talk about how quickly you got back to pre-pregnancy size? Wow!

  2. The pic in the swing is my very favorite! Some great combinations. Thanks Dusty!

  3. Charlotte says:

    gosh I adore you in your pink twinset, so stylish and gorgeous. I own several cashmere twinsets, I love wearing them, they are a classic and you look wonderful in yours 🙂 xx


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