5 Essentials for a Christmas Family Movie Night {A Review}

We love to have family movie nights in our home. It’s just a great reason to throw on our jammies and pile together in piles of pillows in the living room . The Christmas season often brings even more of these nights because of all the great holiday specials that come on television in the weeks before the big day. We love to make these extra special since Christmas only comes once a year! Here are my top five essentials for a fun Christmas family movie night:

5 Essentials for a Christmas Family Movie Night

1. Hot Cocoa

I love hot cocoa like some people love coffee. I love to try new varieties and flavors. I love to drink it morning, noon, or night. It’s just so yummy.  Chocolate in liquid form. A little piece of warm-you-up-from-the-inside goodness. For a special holiday treat, add some fun embellishments like candy cane spoons, unique and new mugs, or fun flavored or shaped marshmallows.

2. Fun Pajamas

Nothing says comfort like a warm snuggly pair of pjs. During the cold winter months, flannel jammies abound so why not find some in a fun pattern that your children will love?  My two girls adore nightgowns so I try to snag some great ones when I can.  Having Mom, Dad, and all the children all dressed for the utmost comfort will give your movie night a relaxing feel.

3. Piles of Blankets

Don’t relegate yourselves to just the furniture. Make a big pallet in the floor with soft quilts and comforters, throw on stacks of pillows, and have the whole family spread out together. Cuddles always make family time better! Plus, it’ll help you stay warm during the cold, wintry evenings!

4.  Snacks and/or Treats

Make some special holiday themed treats to add some extra festive pizazz to the night. You may want to try these cute “reindeer noses” or these candy cane oreo cookie bars.  Yum. Yum. Make a platter of everyone’s favorite treats and let everyone graze throughout the movie. Don’t pay attention to caloric intake. It’s one night and it’s about letting loose!

5. A Good Movie

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but you really want to make sure that you don’t choose a complete flop. We love to make sure that we find some good wholesome entertainment that we can all enjoy. There are always the classics that come on television every year or your favorites from your own childhood, but if you are looking for something new, you may want to take a look at Iesodo: Joy.

Iesodo: Joy Review

Iesodo is back with a Christmas tale focused on the real reason why we should be filled with joy.  The birds are planning a birthday celebration for their dove friend and are wondering what gifts they can give the bird who has everything. While they try to figure it out,  one of them shares the story of Iesodo’s birth beginning with Joe and Molly, the bird couple who will be Iesodo’s earthly parents. As they are traveling to the place of Joe’s birth because of the Emperor’s decree, three wise owls are following a star to find the birth place of the new king. The evil and jealous peacock king sends a hawk to follow them so that he may discover and eliminate his competition.

When there are no rooms available in any of the trees, Joe and Molly settle in a nearby cave to build their nest. Who knew that the wise white dove who would be king of all the birds would be born in such a humble setting? Follow the nightingales and the wise owls as they continue to journey towards their new king by following the bright star in the night sky.

This is a fun retelling of the birth of Christ that children will enjoy. Many of the songs in this movie are familiar Christmas carols (though slightly altered–“We Three Owls”) so kids can sing along while they learn more about the most joyful occasion that has ever occurred in history.

Get a sneak peek here:

Bonus features include relevant Scriptures, a Christmas sing-a-long, and more. You can also find a family discussion guide and printable ornaments to color at the Iesodo website. We will definitely be downloading the printable countdown to Christmas featuring the favorite characters from the movie next month!

Now that you have all the essentials gathered, all you need now is your FAMILY! Get cozy, cuddle up, and enjoy your loved ones this holiday season!

Do you have special family movie nights?


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