12 Easy Craft Stick Christmas Decorations that Children Can Make

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I mentioned on my Facebook page not too long ago that my children and I were determined to deck our Christmas tree in 100% handmade Christmas ornaments. It’s been a ton of fun scouring Pinterest for ideas and spending time with my little ones crafting together. I’ve decided to extend our DIY holiday crafting and make nearly all of our holiday decor!

12 Easy Craft Stick Christmas Decorations that Children Can Make

Since my children are all still young, I like to make sure that the crafts that I choose are easy enough for them to do alongside me. Craft sticks are always in abundant supply here and they can be used in so many ways that they make a perfect tool for Christmas decorating. Below, I’ve gathered a list of 12 simple craft stick Christmas decorations that children can make to help deck your halls.

1. Toy Soldier  Ornament


2. Craft Stick Stable

DIY Stable Ornament

3. Picture Frame Ornament


4. Craft Stick Tree Ornaments


5. Snowflake Ornaments


6. Star Ornaments


7. Snowman Craft


8. Christmas Tree Ornaments



9. Reindeer Drink Stirrers


10. DIY Advent Calendar


11. Homemade Wreath


12. Christmas Puzzles


These craft stick Christmas decorations will make counting down the 12 Days of Christmas super fun!

Do you make your own ornaments?


  1. Awesome ideas you have. Kids will surely love these !!
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. so many great ideas! I love having activities hand to keep the kids busy this time of year. I’m making notes 🙂

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