Devotions for Beginning Readers {A Review and Giveaway!}

Learning to read is a really important milestone in a child’s life. It is easy for some, a hard won struggle for others, but a rite of passage for all. I take a laid back approach to teaching my children this important skill. I want to foster a love for diving into a book and getting completely swallowed  by it, and I don’t think that can be accomplished if learning to read is a chore or an overwhelming frustration. Once my children have a good grasp of the basics that allow them to start piecing together easy readers, I like to make sure that they have a good selection of books that they can read on their own available. Sure phonics programs have their place, but I’ve found that the confidence that is gained from reading real books all by themselves is essential to giving children the boost they need to really take off in their reading skills.

Devotions for Beginning Readers

My six year old son is in this early beginning reader stage. He is only recently starting to branch out into attempting to read books on his own without my help and he beams with pride when he pulls one of the shelf and completes it with little or no assistance. One of the most recent additions to his book selections is Devotions for Beginning Readers by Crystal Bowman and Christy Lee Taylor.

This is a 240 page hardcover book designed to be used by young children who are just getting the hang of reading. Almost every word is geared towards those with a preK-second grade reading level and the sentences are short and simple.  Every day’s reading includes a word for the day that will help to build your child’s vocabulary and is relevant to the lesson for the day. The top of each page contains a Bible verse (taken from the NIrV) and there is also a short prayer at the end of the devotion. It even comes with it’s own ribbon bookmark so your child can easily save their place for the next day.


We have a daily quiet time in our home and I like to encourage my children to have their own time with the Lord during this time once they are able. This book gave my son the opportunity to do this like his big sister.


I really enjoyed the illustrations. They are sweet and quaint and the perfect accent to the daily readings.  I think this will be a regular addition to my son’s reading list!

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  1. I think devotionals are great to begin at a young age, it takes discipline to go through them daily and I want my children to think of them as normal part of our daily routine.

  2. Any time alone with the Lord I feel is important. I don’t want the kids only paying attention because we are making them have time each evening as a family. I want them to seek out the Lord on their own especially when they get older. They need to find their own faith. Not just their parents.

  3. Devotions are important at this age because kids need to learn early that God desires a relationship with them through His Word and His Spirit. They have so much that would steal from their time with God. They need to learn to put God first. I admit I fail at helping this do this so many times. 🙁

  4. Jennifer Mathesz says:

    Devotions are an important part of the day and ur relationship with God. The sooner you start them, the easier it will be for it to become part of your day.

  5. I think that is awesome for kids to learn Devotions.

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