DIY Space Communicators

When exploring in space, ask astronauts need to be able to communicate to their space ships and each other.

How do they do this? With space communicators of course!

DIY Space Communicators

Supplies Needed:

* a box around 10cm x 17cm or 4” x 7”

* plastic bottle tops from items like milk

* straw

* pom pom

* aluminum foil

* glue


*stickers, cure sequins, pharmacy permanent markers



First, tape any loose edges of the box down with masking tape, as this tape is easy to paint over. If you don’t have a box, you could cut out a couple of pieces of cardboard the same size and glue them together. Then complete a couple of layers of paper mache to strengthen the cardboard. When this is dry, paint black.

Next, paint the plastic bottle tops in bright colours. When dry, decorate with stickers, permanent markers, sequins or paint patterns on them. Glue them onto the bottom of the box when they are finished.

Space Communicators

To make the antennae, roll a straw in aluminum foil and glue. Glue a pom pom to the top of the straw. To add it to the box, push a hole in the top left hand corner with a skewer and push the covered straw through. Glue in place. You could also glue or tape the straw to one side of the box.

Space Communicator

For the speaker area, using silver or grey paint, paint a rectangle shape. When dry, draw a criss-cross pattern with a permanent marker.

Space Communicators

You are ready to talk to your fellow astronauts and space ship, when your space communicator is dry.   Try placing sheets or towels on your lounge room floor and pretend you are exploring the moon. Use your space communicator to tell the scientists back on Earth what you can see.

Space Communicators

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