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We had some super silly activities during our homeschool time today. Sometimes you just need to have fun instead of doing ‘the usual.’ Instead of doing our regular math activities, we played with silly monsters. This was part of my mission to get my first grader excited about doing school (which she hates in general). Today was a success in my book even though we didn’t get the scheduled pages finished from her curriculum.

These silly monster games can add some fun into your school day!

Now Jaida is 7 and she’s in first grade, but these are not at all first grade activities. Some are toddler, some are preschool, some are ageless.

The reason for this is that my daughter is a perfectionist. You wouldn’t know it by her bedroom, but it’s true.

She needs to know that she can accomplish something perfectly before she will even try.

So in between her regular schoolwork we do a lot of below-level activities to increase her feeling of success. This takes the stress off of her and makes for a much happier school day for all of us.

Today we worked on patterns with our silly monsters. We started off with ABAB patterns, then moved to ABC, ABBA, and AABB. Then Jaida decided to create her own patterns.

Create your own patterns with this free silly monster printable pack.

We also had some fun matching colors and working on fine-motor skills while putting paper clips on the cards.

Practice color matching and fine-motor skills with this free silly monster printable pack.

We put together some super simple puzzles. I had actually made them for my three-year old, but Jaida had fun with them too.

These silly monster puzzles are great for toddlers or for a break from regular school for older kids.

We also played a game of Memory. When I print out Memory games, I print them on the white side of scrapbook paper so that the cards are not see-through.

Play this silly monster memory game with your preschoolers.

Another game we played was Spin & Cover. Simply spin the spinner and place a fun googly eye on top of the monsters.

Play this fun spin & cover silly monster game with your kids!

To finish off our silly monster fun, we played Roll-a-Monster. Jaida rolled a die for all of the pieces of the monster’s body. Then she drew a picture to match the numbers that she rolled.

Roll-a-monster with this free silly monster printable activity and game pack.

Want to have some of your own silly monster fun?

Then can download your own Silly Monster Activity & Game Pack here.


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