P is for Parables of Jesus{FREE Copywork Printable Pack!}

Parables are a fantastic teaching tool for young children. They are merely simple stories that portray a lesson. They bring a possibly complicated concept to life by describing them using situations that people can better understand. Jesus used them often when he taught and the lessons learned from those parables are life changing.

Some of the parables teach about God’s kingdom while others show us how to make choices that are good and right. There are many parables in the Scriptures and they all are full of biblical truths that we should apply to our daily lives. Below you will not only find my recommended resources for teaching your children about the parables in the Bible, but you can also download a eleven page printable pack of copywork that features Scriptures taken straight from them!

FREE Printable Pack of Parables Copywork


More resources for learning about the parables of Jesus:



Good Samaritan Medical Bag from Crafting the Word of God
Prodigal Son Forgiveness Craft from Meaningful Mama
Parable of the Lost Coin Craft from April’s Homemaking
Fruitful Seed Parable of the Sower Craft from Growing Kids in Grace


Good Samaritan Story Bag from Flame Creative Children’s Ministry
Parable of the Lost Sheep Printable Game from Crafting the Word of God
Four Little Seeds Song/Poem from Focus on the Family
Wise/Foolish Builders Activity from Blessings for Bible School Teachers
Parable of the Hidden Treasure Sensory Box from More Fun, Mom!


House Upon the Rock Treat from Teach Sunday School
Mustard Seed Parable Snack from Christianity Cove


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