Our Presidents ROCK! by Juliette Turner {A Review}

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson often greeted diplomats in his robe and slippers?

Or that William McKinley’s inauguration was the first recorded with a gramophone and a motion picture camera?

How about that Elvis Presley visited President Nixon and asked to be an undercover agent?

Or that John Tyler once led a class rebellion where he and his fellow students locked their teacher in a closet?

How about that President Obama has a Grammy?

Our Presidents Rock-A Review

All of these fun facts are available in the new Our Presidents ROCK! book. This hefty 320 page volume is jam packed with biographical information, fast statistics, political platforms,  important events, peeks into lives pre-presidential office, and a wide plethora of other tidbits to help your child learn all about the presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. Fun and interesting graphics, a sense of humor, and a narrative style that isn’t dry and boring all combine to make this book downright enjoyable to read. Your children will become immersed in learning all about the men who have led the United States of America.

Would you believe me when I say that this compilation of presidential facts was put together by a fifteen year old girl? Yep.  This book was penned by a teenager–Juliette Turner–a remarkable young woman who is an honor student and the National Youth Director for Constituting America among other things. On top of providing an education on the chief of staff, this book will show kids that even they can accomplish something meaningful. If a fifteen year old can publish a book, they can do great things too!

Retailing for only $15.99, this would make a very useful reference book to have available in your homeschool.


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