6 Tips to Stay Sane During the Holiday Season


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Some of my favorite times of the year are Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the cooler weather, abortion the delicious food, advice the time spent with family, viagra 60mg and everything pumpkin and peppermint flavored.

However as a busy mom, I also find this time of year somewhat overwhelming. Creating the “perfect” holiday is difficult with school, work, keeping up with the house, caring for children, and all the extra activities that pop up this time of year.

To help juggle the stress of holiday prep, I’ve come up with a few tips that I find are helpful to stay sane during the holiday season, and I hope you’ll find them helpful, too!


Plan Ahead

I was never much of a plan-ahead person until I started blogging. Now, I have to think about holidays at least two months in advance. This has helped me reduce holiday prep into manageable chunks.

Keep School to a Minimum

We do about 8 or so subjects in school, but each year, I identify several “core” subjects that we must do every day. This year, those subjects are math, English, and reading. During times of heavy holiday prep, we stick to those subjects and wait until the holidays are over to complete the other subjects.

Identify What is Most Important

What are the absolute must-dos of your holiday? At Thanksgiving, it simply does not feel like the holiday unless we have several traditional dishes (turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and a cranberry dish). It won’t feel like Thanksgiving for me unless those items are present. At Christmas, we also have several traditions that are absolute must-dos, like looking at Christmas lights, picking out a tree together, and watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve.

While each year I like to throw in as many fun activities, foods, and traditions as I can; I know we can do away with some of the extras as long as we have the core must-haves in place. This helps prevent holiday stress because you know what to keep and what to pare-down, if necessary.

We always pick out a Christmas tree together as a must-do tradition. This is from our trip in 2013 right after a rare snow!

We always pick out a Christmas tree together as a must-do tradition. This is from our trip in 2013 right after a rare snow!

Prioritize Activities

When you have a bunch of children and are involved in a variety of activities and organizations, holiday season gets busy really fast. Sometimes it might be necessary to cut back in some areas to make room for the activities that are most important to you. For example, rather than run the children’s Christmas choir at your church, you may choose to just watch it this year or even skip it altogether.

Use your must-do activity list as a guide for what peripheral activities to reduce or cut.

Don’t Panic

I remember growing up; my family had a lot of panic leading up to holidays. We always felt stressed over the arrival of company or with a looming holiday deadline.

Although I panic myself more than I feel is ideal, I really work hard to keep holiday prep stress-free. I have a priority list for holidays and holiday parties that goes something like this:

Essential Tasks

  1. Clean bathrooms
  2. Clean kitchen
  3. Clean floors
  4. Food to Eat

Semi-Essential Tasks

  • Clean and dusted surfaces
  • Homemade food and treats
  • A few decorations
  • Uncluttered home

Nice But Not Essential Tasks

  • Beautiful decorations
  • A wide variety of pretty food
  • Prepared table and place settings
  • Crafts or other planned activities

I keep this list in mind while preparing for holidays and if I start feeling stressed, I drop down to the next level of prep. It’s served me well for the past 10 years!

Follow the Motto of Fun

This is something I believe strongly. Holidays should be fun for moms, too. If you aren’t having a good time and enjoying yourself, stop whatever you are doing that isn’t making you happy. If you love spending all day in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, then go for it! If you don’t, then prepare food in advance or even order food from somewhere else. If you hate wrapping presents, use re-usable gift sacks or don’t wrap presents at all.

You should enjoy the holidays as much as the rest of your family.

Keeping Holiday Prep Stress Free

I use these tips to reduce the stress in our holiday planning. They have really helped me love every aspect of the holiday season- even when I am the “man behind the curtain” so to speak.


What do you do to stay sane during the holiday season?

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