52 Bible Verses for Your Child to Memorize {A Review and GIVEAWAY!}

Scripture memory is important no matter you age, but children are so absorbent and it is a prime time to hide God’s Word deep in their hearts because it is relatively easy for most of them to remember it. We’ve tried various methods over the years with success, but I’m always on the lookout for more resources to help me implant biblical truths into my children.

I Can Learn the Bible Review and Giveaway

Our newest resource is a fun book from Tommy Nelson, I Can Learn the Bible by Holly Hawkns Shivers. In this 224 page, hardcover devotional full of whimsical illustrations, you will find weekly lessons that will last a full year to use with your children. Each week’s devotion includes a memory verse, and several snippets relating to the Scripture that will help kids understand how it applies to their own lives.


This book is an adaptation of the popular The Joshua Code by O.S. Hawkins. It simplifies the concepts without watering them down. The pictures that accompany each week’s readings are colorful, bright, and eye catching. They bring a kid friendly lightheartedness to heavy matters.

I love that this book focuses on weekly readings rather than daily. Life is busy and attention spans of little ones is often short, so being able to spend more than a few moments in one day on a concept, we can really delve into it over the course of the week so that children have more time to wrap their thoughts around the lessons. This is a great tool for parents to use in daily Bible time or as part of other lessons. Focus their hearts and minds on the Lord while helping them begin the habit of Scripture memory.


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  1. jennifer mathesz says:

    you have to make it a daily party of ur life

  2. April Croissant says:

    I have not yet found a good way to accomplish this with my boys. They are very hands-on and this is out first year homeschooling.

  3. WE have not founda good way to do this yet. t hanks for the giveaway

  4. We use the AWANA program and it’s been the only thing that has worked so far. It keeps us consistent.

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