Art Education For Young Learners

If you ask any public school child what they did in school today, you are unlikely to hear them say, “I made a really creative piece in art today!” With so much emphasis being placed on math and reading, art education is getting pushed to the back burner. Never mind that art fosters problem solving skills or that it strengthens focus, attention, and dedication. After all, you can’t test creativity, focus, attention, and dedication. So why spend time on those skills when it’s not on the test?

After just a couple of months of homeschooling my Kindergartener, I could easily see art was a VERY important part of our curriculum. Her creativity and her ability to apply what she had learned was astonishing. Not only was she proving that she was learning math, science, and social studies, but she was also having fun! She was loving school because she could use art to integrate the curriculum.

Easy Art For Young Learners2

If you would like to try adding art education for young learners to your day, here’s an easy lesson to try.


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick

Lesson Prep

Before the lesson, cut out different sizes and colors of circles, rectangles, and squares. Find several examples of abstract art for the children to see prior to the lesson. (I used many from Picasso)

For the Lesson

Before beginning the art project explain the difference between real and abstract by showing the kids the abstract art examples. My kiddos were very intrigued with Picasso’s work!

Let the children chose a color of construction paper for their background. Then let the students design their projects any way they like by gluing the shapes on their construction paper.

bella artpicasso art1picasso art1
I even had one friend twist his shape and glue it so it was three dimensional! I watched him work as he tried different approaches to get the shape to pop out the way he wanted. So creative!

threedim picasso
It was so fun to watch the kids create and to gain confidence in their art work. Each project was unique and creative.

The kids loved this project so much that I had three students request to do another one!

I hope this will inspire you to include an art class or two into your weekly curriculum. I guarantee it will be the highlight of your day!

Do you incorporate an art time in your homeschool?

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