Four Festive Educational Activities with Jingle Bells

‘Tis the Season to jingle all the way! ‘Tis also the season to burn out in schooling. When the temperature drops and decorations come out, my motivation to teach drops right with the temperature! I love to decorate for the holidays, then all I want to do is sit and snuggle with a mug of hot tea or cocoa while watching the lights on the Christmas tree.

My kids still need to learn. And it’s my job to teach them. Why not turn a decoration into a teaching tool? Each of these educational activities with jingle bells has a grade range, but you can modify them for all school ages! I even use some of these in my educational therapy practice where I work with kids with learning disabilities. These are great activities for auditory processing!

Four Festive Educational Activities Jingle Bells

Do you Hear what I Hear?

Older Preschool

Before you start this activity, see if your child can do a simple jingle with their bell. Once they can make the bell jingle once, they are ready for this activity. (If the bells are too distracting, or they have trouble with with a single jingle, the child can just clap to repeat the pattern.)

Shake a pattern and have the child repeat it.
jingle (pause) jingle
*child repeat*

If they get it right, add one more element.
jingle (pause) jingle (pause) jingle jingle
*child repeat*

If they get it right, add one more element.
jingle (pause) jingle (pause) jingle jingle (pause) jingle
*child repeat*

If they get it right, add one more element.
jingle (pause) jingle (pause) jingle jingle (pause) jingle (pause) crazy jingle
Keep going until the child does not remember what comes next.

Use small bells and large bells to change the pattern.


Name that Tune


Shake your bells to the tune of a popular Christmas song. See who can name the song the fastest.
Add in more fun – see if they can sing along.

Ask the child to play a specific tune for you.


Jingle Words

Upper Elementary / Jr High

Print a copy of Morse Code. You need a small bell and a large bell. The small bell is for dots and the large bell is for dashes.¬†Jingle a word using the bells to sound the morse code. Start with small words and move to more advanced words. It helps to have the student spell the word as you jingle it. Don’t move to the next letter until they have the previous ones correct. After you complete the word, discuss what the word means. (This can also be done with one bell. For a dot – move your hand down in one shake. For a dash – quickly shake your hand side to side. Practice a word before doing it for your child.)

Write sentences or stories to go with the words. Illustrate it with a picture. Don’t forget to add a bell to the picture!



Jr High / High School

Ask the student to define the word jingle. If they didn’t come up with “A song used for advertising”, discuss that definition. Google jingles. Play different jingles and guess what is being advertised.

Write your own jingle!



Don’t stop with Jingle Bells! Find other decorations you can incorporate in your teaching. Share your ideas with me! Leave a comment with your favorite tips for Christmas-time teaching!


  1. I love that you incorporated activities for every age group. Pinning and we will be doing these!


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