God Bless Our Christmas {Review}

I love Christmas books. I love books in general, but during the Christmas season, I really enjoy finding great stories to share with my children that fit the holiday theme that surrounds us.  Many of my choices will revolve around the birth of Jesus because that is the reason we celebrate!

The newest addition to our stack of Christmas books is God Bless Our Christmas by Hannah C. Hall. This sweet board book for ages 1-4 is just perfect for the smallest members of your family. It is a 20 page board book that is sturdy enough for the rough and tumble handling by toddlers.  Each turn of the page brings you an adorable illustration of an animal family that lives in the arctic. The simple rhyming text  shares various Christmas traditions and in the end, shows how everything should point back to Jesus.


I seriously loved the pictures in this book. They are so sweet and happy, they are sure to make you smile. They will certainly capture the attention of the young ones in your life. Who doesn’t love a cute and cuddly polar bear or an arctic hare? Even toddlers can be taught how God’s gift to the world is the best present of all! God’s blessings are evident in even the joy filled spirit of the season!


If you have small children, this just might be a fantastic addition to their Christmas library!


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