A Nursing Necklace for Wiggly Toddlers {A Review and GIVEAWAY!}

If you didn’t know, I’m a strong advocate for breastfeeding. I have nursed all four of my children through their first year of life and beyond and have loved every minute of it!¬† Nursing a toddler has its own set of challenges because the littles are always on the move, including during breastfeeding sessions. My youngest (now nearly 16 months old) has been a squirmy worm while nursing since he hit around 7-8 months old. Typically, I don’t mind it, but once it began to make our nursing sessions last for what seemed like for-ev-er because¬† he simply wouldn’t get down to business, I began to look into ideas to help him calm down and focus on the task at hand.

Kangaroo Care Breastfeeding and Babywearing Necklace Review and Giveaway

The first time I laid eyes on a breastfeeding necklace, I just knew I had found the solution to my problem. While you can make your own, I didn’t really want to attempt it. After further searching, I fell in love with the gorgeous necklaces in the Kangaroo Care Etsy shop.¬† These high quality, handmade necklaces are created by Varja in Estonia.

From the shop:

KangarooCare is a shop for all the mommies, their babies or just for those who loves all natural and synthetic-free things.
With the thousands nursing necklaces & toys sold all over the world, the safety and quality are my number one priorities.
We are using wooden beads, which were handmade here in Estonia specially for KangarooCare, and you won’t find things made out of these beads anywhere else!

After contacting the shop owner, I soon had two gorgeous necklaces to review and share with you all! I received the Black Gradient in apple wood and the Purple and Black Gradient in oak wood.

nursing necklace 1

I thought these necklaces were beautiful in the pictures on the website, but when they arrived, I realized that they are still absolutely stunning in person as well. I couldn’t wait to try them out. I love that though they are created for babies and toddlers to handle and chew, they are pretty enough that you can wear them everyday or on dressier occasions.

nursing necklace 3

My little guy was immediately enthralled with the necklace. He examined it quite carefully, chewed on it (hello, teething!), felt it, lifted it, pulled it. Once the initial exploration was over, he began nursing and just held on to, rubbing it with his fingers. He stayed still! It worked!

After he was through breastfeeding, he just sat in my lap and played with it for quite awhile. This first day, we were waiting at Daddy’s work to meet up with him for something, so we spent a short time sitting in the parking lot.

nursing necklace 2

I also wore one of the necklaces to church. I felt it complimented my outfit nicely and also helped keep the baby calm during the service (we do not have a nursery in our church). I got several compliments on the necklace as well.

nursing necklace 4

These necklaces are really superb. You can see the detailed craftsmanship and quality. I want several more! They are available in several styles and colors and there are also bracelets and teething rings.

nursing necklace 5

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Would you like one of your very own? Kangaroo Care has graciously offered to give away one Berry Simple Rainbow necklace (featured below and in the title image) to one lucky reader! This giveaway is opened WORLDWIDE! To enter, just fill out the form below:



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