S is for Saviour

Teaching children about their Saviour, ed Jesus Christ, cialis is a big task, viagra sale and teaching them why we call him a Saviour and what exactly that means – that’s a challenge unto itself!

A Saviour is someone who saves and protects us from harm. When we are talking about Jesus Christ, the salvation that he offers us is the safety of our soul from sin and its consequences. So, Jesus Christ saves us from sin and its consequences.

Jesus’ name literally means “God saves!”

(Now you might notice that I write Saviour with a “u” – I’m Canadian, we write things the old-fashioned way. Savior is the American spelling.)

To really understand this, children need to be given an understanding of what sin is, and what those consequences used to be, before Jesus Christ came as the Saviour of the world. Sin can be a big scary thing for parents to talk about with their kids, but just keep it age-appropriate and only relate sin to behaviours and actions that your children will already be aware of, for example:

Before Jesus Christ came to save mankind from sin and its consequences, whenever people did mean things it moved their hearts further away from God. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour, our sins are forgiven and we know that no matter what, God still loves us and we will one day reside in the Kingdom of Heaven.”


And the best part of talking about salvation with children? They are given an active choice to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Without pressure, explain to your children that when they accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and commit their lives to following Him, they are given eternal salvation.


With older children, you can engage in a conversation about the fact that Jesus Christ died for our eternal sins, so that we could instead spend eternity with God. This is a great time to discuss how heavy our sins really are, even if they seem inconsequential in the moment. Even though God will forgive us, we still need to make good choices and protect our souls.


What would you add to this conversation about introducing your children to Jesus as their saviour?

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