Felt Australian Map

We live in Australia, check so I thought it would be good for our boys to learn more about out country. This felt map of Australia is a fun way to learn about the country ‘down under’. It is an easy craft, find which can be sewn or glued.

Felt Australian Map


Australian Felt Map 1

To make this map, ask first print out and cut around each of the maps.

Use these as a template and pin to your felt. I used a different colour felt for each State and Territory of Australia.

Cut out two of each template.

Glue or sewn the two shapes together.

Put the pieces in a pile and see how long it takes to put all the pieces together.

Australian Felt Map 2

I also made some labels for our boys, so they could learn the names of the States and Territories and work out where we live on this map.

Australian Flag

I have included these labels with some 3 Part Cards of Australian animals, sights and the Australian Flag.

You can download this free printable pack from here: Australia 3 Part Cards.


Hope you enjoy learning about Australia!



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