Free Snowflake Printable Activities for Preschool

Here I am again with another fun preschool pack! You loved the monster activity pack so much that I’ve made a new one for winter! These free snowflake printable activities for preschool are so much fun! In fact, we almost had a fight with the older kids today because they were begging to do the Roll-a-Snowman activity. We were sure to let them have a turn, but this pack is perfect for toddlers who are developing matching skills or preschoolers.

Free snowflake printable activities for preschool! Lots of hands-on learning fun!

To prepare the activity pack you will need to print the free download at the bottom of this page. I recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating the activities. Small children are very rough on paper and your activities will stay fun longer if you laminate them.

If you choose not to laminate there are alternatives for the activities that I will share as I show you each activity.

Counting to 3 Puzzles

Use these fun, free printable snowflake activities for preschoolers! Counting, matching and lots of fun!

These are just the perfect amount of pieces for kids who are learning to put puzzles together. They will probably put the puzzle together by looking at the picture, but after the puzzles are assembled you can point out the numbers at the bottom and count with them as you place your finger on each number.

These puzzles are not the only fun things in this free printable snowflake activity pack for preschoolers! Lots of hands-on learning fun!

If you do not print on card stock or laminate, you can have your child paste the puzzles onto another sheet of paper or in a notebook. My daughter who is a 1st grader now, loved doing that when she was in preschool!

Snowflake Color Matching

Match the colors on these snowflake clip cards and then play some of the other fun activities and games in this snowflake activity pack for preschoolers!

While snowflakes aren’t usually muti-colored, these cute clip cards provide an opportunity to practice fine-motor skills and color recognition. These provide a special challenge because some of the colors are a different shade than preschoolers are used to seeing. This is a good time to talk about different objects that we describe with the same general color.

Snowflake Counting

Practice counting with your preschooler with these adorable snowflake clip cards and other fun activities in this snowflake activity pack for preschoolers.

Practice counting to six with these adorable snowflake clip cards.

With both the color matching and the number matching clip cards, you could alternatively slide them into a plastic page protector and have your child point to or place an ‘x’ on the matching color or number.

Snowflake Memory

This memory game teaches colors! I love the tip she shares on how to print it so that kids can't see through the cards!

Here’s another opportunity to practice matching colors with a classic matching game.

I always print my memory games on the white side of a piece of scrapbook paper, so that the cards are not see-through. Plus, it makes the cards look so fun when they are face-down!

Snowflake Patterns

Unfortunately, I don’t have picture of this fun activity! boohoo! Use the sweet snowflake pattern cards to create any number of patterns with your child. Take a look at the post for the monster activity pack if you need some ideas on how to use it!

Here are a few other pattern activities that would go great with the snowflakes:

Brighten up a winter day with this winter patterns busy bag and free printable pattern guide.



A free pattern booklet that’s great for any transportation unit!

transportation pattern leader

Snowflake Cover It!

Snowflake Cover It! is a fun way to work on color recognition with preschoolers!

Another color matching activity! Simply spin the spinner and cover a snowflake that has the same color.


Roll-a-snowman! Roll a die and draw the body parts and accessories on the snowman. Just one fun activity in the free snowflake activity pack for preschoolers!

This is the activity that almost caused a fight in our house! Roll a die and draw the body part or accessory that matches that number.

Download the Free Snowflake Printable Activities for Preschoolers here!

Have fun learning!


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    Thanks for sharing with everyone! You’re an awesome blogger!

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  3. connie galloway says:

    thanks for sharing your files. I love the activities–winter and groceries. One problem, the number clip cards middle top card prints a dark black line across the numbers and is unusable. I don;t know if others have the same problem or not.

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