Institute for Excellence in Writing Giveaway!

The Institute for Excellence in Writing is one of the leading curriculum companies in the homeschool community and with good reason! They produce several award winning programs that have given many, many homeschool students the skills they need to write efficiently and well. Offering resources for children in grades kindergarten through college, including special needs students and English language learners, IEW is an excellent incremental teacher of very pertinent and necessary skills.

Institute for Excellence in Writing Giveaway

To know the importance of being able to write properly, just take ten minutes to take a look at the walls of various social media venues. It is glaringly obvious that many of today’s youth are sadly and deeply lacking in this ability. It is almost painful. As a homeschooler, I strive to ensure that my own children will have the ability to communicate well through their writing because I believe that it will serve them well from childhood into the workforce and beyond.

I had the opportunity to listen to Andrew Pudewa speak at the NCHE yearly conference last year.  I sat in on his “Teaching Boys and Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day” talk. My husband and I were thoroughly impressed. We felt as if Mr. Pudewa knew our boy, that he was talking about him exactly. His wisdom, encouragement, and advice has stayed with us all through this last year and I highly recommend attending one of his speaking engagements if you receive the chance.

For today’s giveaway, the Institute for Excellence in Writing is offering one reader a $50 gift certificate to their shop. If it were me, I’d have a hard time choosing just want I wanted to purchase with my winnings! This is going to be a great blessing to one lucky family!

They also have some great freebies that you snag right here!

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